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  1. Chuuya

    Forgot it's my 6th year here

    Huh... oops. Happy late anniversary to me I guess, onto year 7 I go. Can't wait for more KH and more emptying of my wallet.
  2. Chuuya

    What is love?

    Yes I'm bored
  3. Chuuya

    5 years

    My account has existed for 5 years now. I may not always be on this account, but I should at least be on it on the day of its creation. The day that I first exposed myself to other individuals around the world. Honestly, I believe I was way too young to have joined, but the temptation of meeting...
  4. Chuuya

    Should I Set Him Free?

    I haven't been able to decide since I bought it (when it was new), please help.
  5. Chuuya

    4 year anniversary on KHI

    Eh, I've done this every year, why not again? Also it's been a long time since I've made a thread so bear with me. Looking at that number 4, it isn't a big number. But the time I've spent here has felt like a decade within these 4 years. Members have come and gone, and at times I've left mostly...
  6. Chuuya

    The Ren/Akira (aka Joker) Fanclub

    You never seen it coming, or did you? I did, because I'm making a fanclub for him. Even if I'm the only one who will post here. The Ren/Akira (aka Joker) Fanclub Disclaimer: If this exists already on the site, no biggie. I'm only here to start a chain of love for his beautiful man. Even if...
  7. Chuuya

    3rd Anniversary

    Little late on my 3rd year anniversary, was spending my weekend competing at contests. But nice being here... still. Can't seem to stay away from here lol. So, hi.
  8. Chuuya

    Stan Lee Dead At 95

    Whaaaaaaaaaat. https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/nation-world/stan-lee-marvel-co-creator-dead-at-95/507-613767505 NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! No serious, I'm so upset by this I'm in a river of my own tears, RIP Stan Lee. :'(
  9. Chuuya

    Howler's Art (here I go again)

    So I've been convinced to make a new art thread seeing as my other thread has had no update whatsoever, so I want to start clean. Feedback and support is beyond appreciated. <3 Here's what I've got: The images had to be shrunk because it was too big on here to show all of it so please let...
  10. Chuuya

    Howler's Photoshop!

    Haven't posted any art stuff lately. So I'm making a thread! Sorry, only got one for now. Any photo requests are appreciated!
  11. Chuuya

    Happy Birthday Muke!

    (Technically I'm correct because his birthday has already come where he lives) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUKE! Yep that's right, back at it again with the birthday thread for my friend Muke, been doing this since I first joined and won't be the last. Happy birthday Muke, now you the same age as me...
  12. Chuuya

    A Purpose For Life

    New story I happened to come up with. Been awhile since I did. Along this story, you will learn characters as the story progresses as well as their origins. The chapters will probably be on weekends. I hope you enjoy! A Purpose For Life (couldn't come up with a better title ok) SESL: Space...
  13. Chuuya

    2 years? wAiT wHaT

    And another year goes by that this dork has been here. This time I hope to spend more time on the forums and spend more time at places other than my fanclub lol. *sips coffee* Well bye guys! See you another 3 months from now! Jk, though it could happen again... Anyway, here's to another...
  14. Chuuya

    Help/Support ► Help For A Struggling Actor (if that's what you want to refer it)?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong place in advance, or if there is a thread about something similar). So recently I had been a part of my high school musical featuring, "The Little Shop of Horrors" while I did not have internet. I've been in recent musicals in my life and have had solo parts in songs...
  15. Chuuya

    Category 5 Hurricane Irma, "Probably the worst hurricane in decades"

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/06/world/americas/hurricane-irma-update.html Oh my God.... May there be prayers to the souls who are and will be affected. To those who haven't experienced the storm yet but are at the places where it will hit, GET THE ABSOLUTE HECK OUT OF THERE NOW!
  16. Chuuya

    Fine Arts Festival

    I wanted to post a video of a fine arts festival I went to perform with the band at a university this year. To get our big performance, skip to 35 minutes of the video. There even I appear at the video at around 37 min and 23 seconds. Was scary to realize I got on YouTube but anyway, Idk if...
  17. Chuuya

    Minecraft Thread

    I've seen no thread of this so I shall start one. Minecraft is a video game that has been widely sold in many countries on several platforms. It is known to be both an survival/adventure game and a creative game for players. The survival mode sets the player to survive against many enemies...
  18. Chuuya

    Hurricane Harvey

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/25/us/hurricane-harvey.html Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds - ABC News "Forecasters say the Category 4 storm could be the strongest to hit the United States in 12 years." - The New York Times I hope you all experiencing this...
  19. Chuuya

    A Miracle Happened

    After 15 years worth of struggling with my heart condition, today was the day it finally disappeared. I had a heart condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) that troubled me over the years. My condition had not been discovered until I was 10 years old, but then last year was the problem...
  20. Chuuya

    Adam West (Batman) passed at 88

    Adam West Dead: 'Batman' Star Was 88 | Hollywood Reporter Noooooo! Not Batman!!!! ;A;