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    Ask me anything

    on my formspring and I will answer it 100% truthfully. I just wanna see all the outrageous, stupid, and funny questions I can get lulz. ASK ME ANYTHING! Error
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    I died. Isn't that fun?
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    GBM Faceplates

    Anyone know where to buy the faceplates separately? (besides ebay which doesn't have them and Nintendo.com which is only selling the black, silver, and other color?)
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    Help/Support ► They're going to literally kill me D=

    I just broke our new blender. I put hot water in it then it cracked...then I tried to super glue it and the bottom fell off. I also broke the first blender and our toaster...since I'm the first to use the new blender I fear they will kill me...what do I do to prevent being killed?
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    Guess what I'm doing!

    My name is Christian. My last name comes from Baptist. I'm supposedly of Catholic Religion and you know what I'm doing? I'm practicing witchcraft! I cursed this boys like 5 times. I used good grade spells which worked =D What do you think the pope will do to me? :P
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    Would it be uber retarded...

    Would it be uber retarded if I bought Pokemon blue off of eBay? I lost my own Blue version 6 years ago somewhere in my room and seeing the Box Art strangely makes me miss the game because I wasted a master ball on Articuno xD
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    liek wutz ur dizordur?

    I have social anxiety disorder :3 this makes me isolate myself and become a deadly killer
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    Fanfiction.net is bad D=

    My school blocks it because it is the sex :X
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    The KL Chronicles

    Hello to all o_o. This is a topic about my continuous chronicles on Destiny Islands. I've been on the islands for 36 hours, 25 minutes, and 25 seconds at the moment I wrote this. I'm on expert mode and I'm tired o_o So welcome to my chronicles. Date: September 25, 2006 Current Level: 21 Time...
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    YAY! Describe me!

    okay people...I need YOUR help...In one word (or more)...DESCRIBE ME!
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    Organization XIII

    If you were here in 2005 before November then you should know that I had an Organization. =D Well...since there's a slowness of KH news, as monkey put it, he suggested that we start it again. So here I am recruiting new members. Only the best of the best will be able to join. So do your best...
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    Liek hiii!, I'm liek new!

    Liek hi evrybodee. I am new. I've been here for 5 minutes today after returning from being gone for a month because I was bored. So I'm back so hi. Lets all think of me being new...because I might get bored again if I think otherwise...
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    KL is back?!

    I'm not back v-v I'm too addicted to Pokemon, Digimon, Zoo Tycoon, and editting wiki to come back. But anywayz, it has come to my attention that KS was banned. So sad v-v but thats her. I don't agree with what she did even though it was funny (ex dee) but still wrong. But omg who do you think...
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    KL's Rant of the Day

    Peter Griffin had his grind his gears segment on the news so I'm going to have my on the forum...except nothing is grinding my gears...its seriously pissing me off. --------------------------------------------------------- July 12, 2006 You know what/who pisses me off? Axel fans. I don't even...
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    KL Idol

    Well I'm leaving but I need a successor so UK won't make Trigger the new me. Okay so just post in this thread to be the new me o.o And I'm randomly pick by a eeny meeny miney moe.
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    The Beginning

    I hated playing as Roxas sooooo much. He can't even keep a ball in the air for jesus christ >> He is so slow. He can not jump at all. But lets stop hating on Roxas... It would have been better if we had to play as Kairi on Destiny Islands in the beginning of the game instead of playing as...
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    The Lion King III/IV: Kopa's Return

    Zomg, well lets talk about The Lion King III/IV: Kopa's Return...basically Kopa returns to the Pride Lands and Disney type things that happen in sequels happens liek zomg!
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    Simple and Clean / Sanctuary - Slave Remix

    Safe and Free You need to go away You won’t hear me say Please just don’t go Safe and free is the way that I want you to be tonight But it’s hard to let you go They’re giving us to many things Lately freedom is all we need I smiled at you and said Don’t you know I love you? But does that...
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    Member Spots

    I'm bored...so lets start a discussion. In Proof of Existence, you had the member stones with their weapon. And above that was a sort of portal to another area of the castle. Saix's led to Addled Impasse, a place with an observatory feel to it with the moon right in your face. His element is...
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    'Nother KHII Review

    I present you a review from "PSM" (not Playstation Magazine; It's an Independent playstation magazine lawl). It's in their June issue (which is out 2 months early) Anyway: