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  1. Sally-boiii

    And thus the circle of life continues XD

    As of yesterday I am officially an uncle to my baby nephew. My sister had a child, and I am indescribably excited. Still thinking about my extended family though.
  2. Sally-boiii

    Help/Support ► Grandfather just passed away

    I don't even know why exactly I'm positng this thread i just don't know how i feel. I have lost all off my grandparents without ever really havinga conversation with them as of today and I feel numb and a tad empty honestly. It just frustrates me and saddens me. I don't mean to sound egocentric...
  3. Sally-boiii

    Helping to get trees planted!

    This is kind of random I suppose, but for the past few months I have been using this search engine called Ecosia.org. It works exactly like google but the only difference is every search you do goes towards helping the company earn money almost specifically for planting trees. Why is this...
  4. Sally-boiii

    Your view on age and gaming up to a certain age

    Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to be a jab at anyone who is a gamer and is older than me, nor is to meant to get people to reconsider how they feel about gaming at this point in time. What's up KHI fam? I was wondering how you guys feel about gaming up to a certain age. Because lately I...
  5. Sally-boiii

    Petition for full HD collection of the seires

    IDK, if i can post this. I apologize in the furture if this isn't okay, but there's a petition on change.org for a full HD collection to be made. Since it's probs going to happen anyway this may be unneccesary, but maybe not. Do with it what you will...
  6. Sally-boiii

    The missed opportunity

    I honestly wish, Square had expanded on the closed the plot between Terra and Xehanort at the end of BBS, instead of picking up where they left off with Aqua. I feel like the fact that they mentioned that Eraqus had crept into Terra's heart was a somewhat big plot point that they had not really...
  7. Sally-boiii

    News ► Question as to how evolution of medals work

    Sorry if this isn't posted correctly this is my first thread. But nevertheless, I am trying to evolve my stitch medal from lvl 2 to 3. And it says I need 2 merlin medals and I have 2. I googled the details and it said the requirements were the same as the what I have, basically meaning I...