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  1. Leopardess

    What happened to YouTube Khux support?

    So, where are all the YouTubers that used to post videos on aspects of the Khux game? Smelly Octopus, why has he abandoned the game and those of us still playing? All the former YouTube producers are gone. Where can one find the latest on medals, whether the medal is worth the pull, constructive...
  2. Leopardess

    Choice for 7* evolving a Tier 8 medal

    I need and would appreciate any suggestions from the KH Insider community. I can finally evolve a Tier 8 medal to 7*. However, I have a decision. I know traits can be important. I have a Tier 8 Invisible, and a Tier 8 Bob and Jack Jack medal that could be my choice. The problem is traits. I...
  3. Leopardess

    Connection Error Help!

    I really need some help. I can't connect to my game. Been playing since it started and never encountered this. I have an iPad 1, and my wifi is connected fine, but the game starts the intro, but then I get the "connection error" message. I can't even get into the game to file a complaint with...
  4. Leopardess

    Question on HD Namine

    I never pulled for the original banner for HD Namine, but just pulled her in one of my pulls for a gem banner. However, she has no orbs. How useful is she un-orbed and un-guilted? Does she need to be strong in her own right? And no, I don't have enough M&B to guilt her. Thanks bunches in advance.
  5. Leopardess

    Hades Proud Mode Help Needed

    So, my Sleeping Lion is only at Level 21, and the All Reverse medal requirement is killing me in the Hades quest. My fully guilted Xaldin B is doing no damage, and fully guilted Xiggy isn't helping enough. My other Reverse Speed medals are making no dent on Hades at all. I couldn't collect all...
  6. Leopardess

    Wishing outloud

    You know what I wish? SENA needs to do something with the ton of coins left over from Raid Boss events, Coli, etc. They are going to waste. Why not offer some rewards...like Mirrors, Chip and Dales, jewels, gems, brooms, anything would be better than all that hard work and coins go to waste.
  7. Leopardess

    Games crashes during Union Cross Multi-player quests battles!

    I have a 1st Generation iPad, OS 8, and the game crashes during multi-player battles, mainly when all the players are engaging at one time with the special attacks and the screen is full of light and action and movement. It crashes. I am sooo frustrated. How do I open a ticket (that's the...
  8. Leopardess

    Traits and Maleficent B!

    Hope it was okay to open a new thread on this. If not, please forgive... Am torn between what is the best trait to bestow upon the magnificent Maleficent B medal. I rolled an Extra Attack 40%, but I don't think this is the best for her. I want to make sure she is maxed with the best trait to...
  9. Leopardess

    HD Roxas 5 Tier advice

    I saved lots of jewels and decided to pull once for the 4 and 5 tier medal deal. I got an HD Roxas with 3 orbs. Looking for advice on how to make best use of this medal. A little confused on it being Power, but lowers defense only on Power-based defenders. To me, it sounds like very limited...
  10. Leopardess

    Certain YouTubers get 6,000 jewels FREE from Square Enix!!

    Pigginatti (Duj2) and MonsterDFace both got free 6,000 jewels from SE! I wonder if it was because of some of the players that were there streaming live? This may not be a good precedent...
  11. Leopardess

    Help with Cerberus Adamantite and Question on Magic Mirrors

    This is my favorite site for help and anything Kingdom Hearts, so I'm hoping someone might help me solve an odd question and maybe offer help on getting past Cerberus for Adamantite. I have to get past it to strengthen that keyblade. First, a vexing problem...I have a 6* KH II King Mickey...
  12. Leopardess

    Help with leveling up Treasure Trove

    I've only been able to +22 on my Treasure Trove keyblade. Since I don't have huge amounts of money to splurge on the game, I've done the best I could with the pulls I can manage. I can't get further on the Adamantite Ore Challenge. I would greatly appreciate any help or strategies I can use...
  13. Leopardess

    Hello, Story Quest?

    Hey, SENA, it has been nearly a month and no new Story Quest. Are we being dismissed again? Insufficient, sideline quests don't make up for lack of more additions to the Story Quest. Are F2P players being slapped in the face again? Many who are F2P are only Story Quest players because they can't...
  14. Leopardess

    Second week of no Story Quest updates? Hello, SENA, we're here too, not just Japan.

    I dunno, I'm getting pretty bored and upset with KHUX NA. Two weeks and no Story updates. And we have to wait till January for any further story additions. Who will keep playing this game?? I mean, are they just expecting the P2W players to be overjoyed and euphoric just buying Epic and Carnival...
  15. Leopardess

    Anyone having troubles with Coliseum?

    My September, "after update" Coliseum is crazy glitchy and bugged out. It crashes often, especially using certain medals and blades. Wtf? Has anyone had this problem with their Coliseum for September or is it just me?
  16. Leopardess

    Any tips or strategies on getting past Master Ava in #425 NA?

    My Speed medals are very good, but not good enough. She's tough. Any strategy or medal ideas would be appreciated.
  17. Leopardess

    How many quests does KHUx run? 500? In NA, what worlds do we still have to go?

    I know Japan has had the game in advance. How many quests did the game go? Is it still going? How many worlds do we still have to visit in the NA version?
  18. Leopardess

    Finally, The Organization medals! Who is going for them and which one do you want?

    Okay, so who is excited about the reverse Organization medals? Yep, the Epic Carnival Deal Organization medal deal is here and it sounds like a winner. Are you gonna want to go for it?
  19. Leopardess

    Strategies for defeating the Treasure Trove Adamantite Quest?

    Wow. I thought the Three Wishes one was hard. Help needed. 3...count them...3 Invsibles!! And two of them gang up on you for the final battle. Have tried, but can't defeat those final two. Anyone have good ideas/strategies? I have 2 6* medals on my Treasure Trove, and the rest are 5*, fully...
  20. Leopardess

    (NA) Leopardos Party looking for active members!

    Union: Leopardos Party: Yakiba, otherwise known as the Leopards of the Blade! Leader: Olivia Level: 180, have finished all 375 Story missions so far. ID: 127253 Requirements: 1. We are Casual Mode and Friendly! 2. You must set your strongest medal as "Share" medal. If you're unsure how to do...