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  1. T-Pose Riku

    Riku x Namine Shipping - Fanfic idea

    I just finished this game and here's what I think about the Riku x Namine ship. I'm naturally a very romantic person at heart, and I always look for shipping potential even if it's not the genre of what I'm watching/playing/reading. I think Riku and Namine would be great together and so super...
  2. T-Pose Riku

    Larxene an ice architecural genius??

    In the Frozen stage, Larxene manipulated the ice from the wall Elsa made and turned it into a super elaborate prison with secret passage ways and spinning doorways. Plus there was also the stylish embellishment everywhere. This is my first time playing this game and I haven't gotten all the way...
  3. T-Pose Riku

    Xion's appearance

    I'm new to the Kingdom Hearts fandom and just finished watching 358/2 days. I haven't played KH2, KH3 or Birth by Sleep yet. I think I have a theory about Xion's ever changing appearance. Supposedly she was supposed to mimic Sora's memories in order to wield his power, yet she looked like...
  4. T-Pose Riku

    Hi there! I'm new!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and I just started getting into Kingdom Hearts! :) I just finished the first game's story line with much bonus stuff left to finish and plan to play through the whole series.