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  1. Sonofjafar

    Can Disney Villains Get Norted?

    We have never seen any of the Disney characters get Norted. However, if any were to, it would definitely be the villains. They did hint that Elsa could fall to darkness in kh3 so if that can happen, a character being Norted sunny otu of the question
  2. Sonofjafar

    Spoilers ► KH1 Riku is a Mother F*%#er, y’know that?!

    Let’s review: He messes with Sora’s feelings for Kairi even before Destiny Islands is destroyed with that paupu fruit race bet. He’s willing to trust the word of a Disney villain over his best friend He adds injury to insult when taking the keyblade by manipulating Donald and Goofy into...
  3. Sonofjafar

    Film ► The question no one seems to ask about A Goofy Movie

    Where were Peg and Pistol (Pete’s wife and daughter respectively from Goof Troop)? Like it’s been established in the movie that PJ respects Pete rather than love him. so did something happen that split the family? Did Pete do something to them? Somebody out there give me some possible answers
  4. Sonofjafar

    Politics Should politicians that were involved in the January 6th Attack on Congress be considered Domestic Terrorists?

    I figured I'd put this one in the form of a question in case somebody actual objects to my wording but i digress. as the January 6th committee hearings have shown, there are several high ranking political figures that were involved with the effort to reject the election results of 2020. They...
  5. Sonofjafar

    Spoilers ► What if Kingdom Hearts Remake was a thing?

    When I say Kingdom Hearts Remake, I mean a game setup similarly to Final Fantasy 7 Remake but with Kingdom Hearts 1. Basically, it would be the story of Kingdom Hearts 1 but with several changes to the plot and a narrative device involving these changes being noticed by the cast. Feel free to...
  6. Sonofjafar

    Fourth Wall Breaking in Kingdom Hearts 4

    With Kingdom Hearts 4 delving into the realm of what is fiction and what is real in the Kingdom Hearts universe, I think now would be a good time to talk about the fourth wall and how much meta story telling it can take before it finally breaks. The way I see it there are a few possibilities...
  7. Sonofjafar

    Relig/Philo ► Can Religious Stories count as Mythology?

    I’ve just always found it fascinating how some people actually feel like we shouldn’t classify stories from certain religions with supernatural elements as a mythology of that faith’s culture while stories of the same nature from “dead” religions can. If Greek Gods were still worshipped today...
  8. Sonofjafar

    Spoilers ► Yen Sid’s backstory?

    We have yet to see any sign of backstory for Yen Sid apart from the fact that he somehow knew Master Xehanort’s and Master Erauqs when they were young. The begs the question: if he doesn’t show up in Dark Road, would we get a game where a young yen sid appear and if so how would it happen? My...
  9. Sonofjafar

    Film ► Joker 2: the musical

    Just figured I’d get to this before anyone else but you read the title right. Jauqin Phoenix’s take on The Joker is back and he sings. So far what we know is that it’s a musical sequel and it might feature Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. If we get more info, everyone else is welcome to give the scoop...
  10. Sonofjafar

    Film ► Could an Brer Rabbit movie be done tastefully?

    Could it be possible for Disney to adapt the Brer Rabbit stories without even having the title of the last film attached? I know SOTS is a thing and a very distasteful thing but if Disney were to try doing this with a focus on the hardships of that still remained for African Americans shortly...
  11. Sonofjafar

    Politics The 2nd Amendment: do we really need it?

    The whole whole thing about the right to keep and bear arms is that it’s only constitutional in the context of being part of local militia to protect the country from invaders. Only problem is America is so powerful and so big that no one in their right mind would think about a full scale...
  12. Sonofjafar

    Cartoon/TV ► Darkwing Duck Reboot: still happening?

    Apparently Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have confirmed they’d be willing to do a Darkwing Duck reboot on Disney+. But three questions remains: is it actually happening, will it connect to Ducktales 2017, and will it be good? I have made this post for anyone to give thoughts and add to any...
  13. Sonofjafar

    Does Square Own Geno Enough to put him in Kingdom Hearts?

    for those unaware, Geno is a character Square created as a party member in Super Mario RPG and there’s some kind of copyright issue where square owns him but he’s in a Mario game so he’s technically a Nintendo character or something. Anyway, if he’s currently available for Square to use in...
  14. Sonofjafar

    Cartoon/TV ► Are the gods in Hercules true heroes too?

    In Disney’s Hercules, the title character has to be a true hero to regain his status as a Greek god. Does this apply to the other gods? If so, what heroic deed did Hades do to gain his title of lord of the underworld? Was trapping the titans Zeus’ proof of being a true hero?
  15. Sonofjafar

    Editorial ► Should everything Disney exist in Kingdom Hearts?

    Like should we really try and put every Disney IP ever into one series? I feel like that while it would be amazing in concept. The lore would be even more of a mess than it is now
  16. Sonofjafar

    Help/Support ► Does society pressure us to find love too early?

    I feel like society expects us to find someone to crush on in life as early as like middle school. Like if you don’t get into a relationship by college, you’re already too old to find a meaningful connection with a potential partner. I dunno exactly if I’m wording this right so feel free to...
  17. Sonofjafar

    Relig/Philo ► Organized religion is a problem

    just to clarify, when I say organized religion I mean religious groups that have amassed big enough following for their views on certain matters to actually effect the views of what are supposed to be separated government bodies. Case in point, Roe v Wade being overturned becomes a bunch of...
  18. Sonofjafar

    idea for getting Wreck it Ralph into kh4

    picture this: Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in Game Central Station where characters from various games gather to board the next train to Litwick Arcade's latest game, a fighter game where all characters are welcome to fight for the title of Ultimate Smasher. Sora and co get on the train to...
  19. Sonofjafar

    Politics So is Trump gonna face some form of consequences or what?

    I may not be an expert at politics but I do know that actions need to have consequences. My country has become a safe haven for corruption and the people behind it all have yet to face any form of justice. At the bare minimum, Trump should be banned from running for public office of any kind. Is...
  20. Sonofjafar

    Politics Florida governor just screwed over Disney as punishment for being "woke"

    To cut a long story short, Disney is stuck paying more taxes for their property in Florida because they nixed their support of the Don't Say Gay law. First time Disney has tried to do the right thing and this happens. I'm personally outraged and find this an act of political oppression but what...