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  1. Kimmy1980

    Film ► Frozen killed the Disney villain

    Tamotoa really isn't the villain of Moana. To a degree, the true villain is Te Ka. Elsa would be the villain in Frozen right? I agree, we need a good villain that is Maleficent status. Instead of that worst version of you being the villain in a story. Some of the best all-time villains are...
  2. Kimmy1980

    Film ► Scariest Movie from everyone’s childhoods?

    Showing my age here. The Last Unicorn, Neverending Story, and Ghostbusters terrified me so much as a kid. Those terror dogs invaded a lot of nightmares.
  3. Kimmy1980

    Do you replay games?

    I never get tired with replaying any KH game. I keep hoping I'll catch some little thing I missed that is important to the series. I recently played BBS again for the 4th time. I have so many saves for KH1, Chain of Memories, KH2, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded and BBS. I have not played any of the newer...
  4. Kimmy1980

    KHUX ► Union X Ending Clarification

    Someone please correct me, or double check that I understand the ending of Union X. In the MoM explanation of the 13 darknesses, etc. He created vessels with strong hearts to house the 7 of the deadliest darknesses. A heart so strong that darkness can't take root, and you won't lose. The...
  5. Kimmy1980

    What if the Black Box is a black box? My thoughts about it.

    This is one of the best theories I have seen in a long while regarding the black box, that I could totally be down for. Makes sense for the "hope" itself to be Hope from FF13.
  6. Kimmy1980

    What video games did you grow up with?

    Original Nintendo all the way (have the box). Didn't get into playing games until the early 90's (yeah I am showing my age here folks!) with Super Mario brothers and Tetris. Didn't play KH until 2004 on the PS2, and then after that fell in love with FFX. Love both the stories. Sadly the latest...
  7. Kimmy1980

    How did you get into Kingdom Hearts?

    My sister n law got me KH1 as a Christmas gift in 2005. I was 25 at the time. I became obsessed from that point. I can remember playing all the way up to Ursula on just the Kingdom Key. Obviously didn't read the instructions correctly on how to equip keyblades. I can remember having dreams on...
  8. Kimmy1980

    Dark Road ► Dark Road: Chapter 2 - The Presence of Darkness

    Had an a ha moment about darkness. What if we have been looking at the shadowy figure of Darkness all wrong? We keep speculating that Darkness in Union X needs to possess Ven to move forward? If that were to happen Darkness wouldn't be around in Dark Road and contradict what we are seeing in...
  9. Kimmy1980

    How do you like your Coffee?

    Do you drink coffee? Why or why not? Yes, it's my morning pick me up. How did you get started drinking coffee? Friends introduced it to me in high school, with my love for it only growing over the years. Now it's a staple. Do you like your coffee hot or cold? I will drink it both ways. I...
  10. Kimmy1980

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    So eager for this game to be released to get the back story on Xehanort (or whoever he was before) and his journey to darkness. My brain is bursting with too much information. Original characters from KH1 (being connected to classical elements (earth, water, air, etc.), characters from X (being...
  11. Kimmy1980

    Next game in series

    Some thing is not making sense. In the Limit Cut Episode with Fairy Godmother, we are being told that NO one knows where Sora is. Actually there should be two people who do know where Sora is, if he is indeed in the final world. Chirithy and Kairi. Both have been to the Final World. Chirithy...
  12. Kimmy1980

    Theory: Yozora is Ephemer

    I actually posted something earlier in the month regarding this. Title of post was Crazy theories in my head. I would link to it, but typing this out on my kindle. Didn't get too much feedback on the yozora/ephemer connection. I'll back you up on this theory. The meaning behind his name can...
  13. Kimmy1980

    Replaying KH2

    I recently fired up my Playstation 2 (which still works) and replaying some good old Kingdom Hearts 2. Got to Halloween Town/Christmas Town last night. With how the new story is shaking out with Union X and everything and knowing that time travel is a part of the KH universe, I am wondering...
  14. Kimmy1980

    What are you reading?

    doguniwu, I just wrapped up Wheel of Time last month. The last book is soooo good. With being stuck at home, I am rereading and replaying a lot of old favorites. I just loaded up KH2 on the playstation 2, and rereading The Sword of Truth series.
  15. Kimmy1980

    Crazy theories in my head.

    A few theories I’d like to bring up, since season of Lent is now up, and I can theorize as much as I want. Mwa ha ha! I am going out on a limb on all of these, and I understand there are a lot of holes. Feel free to pull apart and dissect. I want your thoughts. I know some have been touched...
  16. Kimmy1980

    The Master of Master's True Identity *SPOILERS*

    If we are going off of The Landi Lodge's youtube video and then what Wikipedia mentions about the name Lucifer itself, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer#Background Lucifer is the Latin name for the planet Venus in its morning appearances and is often used for mythological and religious...
  17. Kimmy1980

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Thank you AdrianXXII. I keep trying to place a character in the role of the killer of Strelitzia, but it has to be Darkness. I believe Darkness also has the ability to shapeshift, and maybe appeared to Ven in the shape of Ava to induct him into the Dandelions. Darkness needs a vessel to move...
  18. Kimmy1980

    Dark Road ► What are you hoping to learn?

    Eager to see a young Yensid as part of the gang. Who else will be his friends? Will one of them be a version of Luxu, who is there to watch and observe Xehanort? I am curious who will lead him on his dark path. The reveal of the Master of Masters talking with him after the world tour in Remind...
  19. Kimmy1980

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The ark to the future

    I'm seen some very interesting theories as of late regarding the black box with the latest union cross updates, and all so good that I'm not sure which one to follow. One theory - that the black box itself is the ark. I believe this theory belongs to PodCast Now. One theory - the black box...
  20. Kimmy1980

    Why Sora is MoM and the paradox itself

    I had started composing a theory the other day about MoM being Sora, but I put it away. After seeing what you wrote, maybe it's worth mentioning. Even though I want MoM to be his own person, there could be a possibility he is connected to Sora. For those that have watched The Flash with Grant...