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  1. FEZeldalord12345

    Top 5 Abilities in KH2FM?

    -Dodge Roll. This should've been in the original KH2. -Aerial Dive. Feels very satisfying once I get it and completely outshines Aerial Sweep. -Combo Master. Never have to worry about a combo ending because an attack whiffs. -HP Gain. I found this ability to be ridiculously abusive with...
  2. FEZeldalord12345

    what are your top 3 favorite keyblades

    3:Xehanort's Keyblade. I really like the design. 2:Rumbling Rose. I love Finishing Plus so much. 1:Ultima Weapon.(KH1) All of that synthesizing paid off to give THE best Keyblade in the game.
  3. FEZeldalord12345

    in your opinion, what are the best and worst things about the original kingdom hearts?

    Best: Synthesizing.(Final Mix, haven't played original KH1) The vast majority of the items you need to synthesize are really easy to obtain once you know how to get them. The unique Heartless also provide really challenging and fun ways to get the items needed. I believe KH1 has the best...
  4. FEZeldalord12345

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    From favorite to least favorite: 1.Birth By Sleep. There are two main factors as to why this is my favorite. First off is the presence of debuffs. This is a HUGE factor to me in terms of enjoyment of RPGs. The most we got in the past games is Stop in KH1, which was nice, and Magnet in KH2...
  5. FEZeldalord12345

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    Well, each game has a lot that I love, and a lot that I'm indifferent to. The most common of the latter is the story. I either don't care about the ideas, or really love the ideas but think the pacing is terrible. Each of the games have one part that stands out to me while another seems to...
  6. FEZeldalord12345

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    I only tried out the series a year and a half ago. I saw 1.5 on sale and I decided to try it out to see if it really was as great as everyone hyped it out to be...and I was disappointed. At the time, I didn't think KH1 was bad, but not great either. However, my opinion of it has drastically...
  7. FEZeldalord12345

    Rank the Superbosses (KHI)

    Just fought them all again, and this is going to sound weird, but now I rank Ice Titan's difficulty above Sephiroth. When I fought Seph again, I had the vast majority of his moves already figured out. He never hit me once with Heartless Angel, and I was calm throughout the entire fight. Ice...
  8. FEZeldalord12345

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (Final Mix) Item Quantites/ Synthesis Guide

    I actually never thought to use Thunder against Sniperwilds like that. Interesting. Another method that I discovered is to use Mushu against them. You're going to need a lot of MP but it's a lot easier than the Stop strategy.(I needed to hit 16 in order for it to feel like I was doing enough...
  9. FEZeldalord12345

    best and Worst team partners and summons in KH1 AND 2

    Hmm...I'd have to say my favorite teammate is KH1 Goofy. His abilities make him feel really versatile, allowing me to change him from a heavy-hitter with Rocket or Tornado to a support character with MP Gift. As for favorite Summon, Dumbo from KH1. Tinker Bell is the only summon that's useful...
  10. FEZeldalord12345

    Rank the Superbosses (KHI)

    I'm going to be fighting all of these guys again soon, so here's my old thoughts, from easiest to hardest. 1.Phantom 2.Xemnas 3.Kurt Zisa 4.Ice Titan 5.Sephiroth Phantom is the easiest to me because I can take him on at Lv50 just fine. I always go for him right after finishing Hollow Bastion...
  11. FEZeldalord12345

    Thinking about buying this game.

    Hi there! I have not played Dream Drop Distance myself either as of yet, but there is a free demo on the 3DS eShop, so you can try that. From what I do know about DDD, you really should play the other KH games first, or as you said, look up the plot of the other games, because the story is...
  12. FEZeldalord12345


    Hi there, KHInsider! I'm FEZeldalord12345, or FEZ for anyone who reads usernames out loud. I've recently finished Birth By Sleep, so I decided this was a good time to join since I actually know the majority of the franchise. I've yet to play Dream Drop Distance though, so naturally I'm not...