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    Nintendo DS Wifi (Mario Kart)

    Does anyone have a DS with Mario Kart DS and able to connect to wifi? If So lets play, here is my friend code. My Nickname is BoxyBoxy 012946 345025 Also, I'm getting the Tony Hawks DS for christmas so after Christmas if anyone has that game, play me on it too. :D
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    Fit in Dryer Club.

    I got this idea from somewhere and I wanted to do something like it too. I hope this can actually pull off and have people joining. So please join hehe. I really want this to work. Fit-in-Dryer Club ------------------- Its simple to get in have a picture of yourself in a dryer. Yeah thats...
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    Willy Wonka! Amazing tear?

    Anyways, after watching the newest Charlie and the Chocolate factory somewhere in myself I pulled out the idea that I would love to get the outfit that he is wearing. I mean seriously wow now can you members come and help me with my search on finding those clothes; I'd like to know the specific...
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    The Guardian's birthday

    Omg its his birthday come everyone say happy birthday to him, it will really make his day pm him or post here or both saying happy Birthday!! He'd love it cause he is kinda in a slump today so we need to cheer him up. He can't be in a slump on his birthday so lets cheer him the heck up! whoooo...
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    Mtv's 70's House

    Anybody see the show? The first episode showed today, as I was watching the show with my 2 favorite people we got into the show and really love it. It comes on every Tuesday. Its a reality show were they gathered people and force them to live like it was the 70's they have to use 70's lingo...
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    Premium Member

    I have over 1000 posts and haven't been changed to one yet. Did the post count to be a premium change or is it a error with my account? Can anyone help me with this question? :confused: Edit: Never mind it took about 5 minutes to work on my account.
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    The Warped Tour

    Anyone know about this massive Rock concert? Over 60 bands are gonna be there, huge amounts of people rocking out. Its a huge Rock tour going to different places and this Tuesday it will be in my hometown. Anyone gone to it or is going to it.
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    2Billion Gil

    If anyone is willing to get me the final blade from the kingdom hearts class, I'll give them 2 billion gil, I've seen one or 2 people with the kingdom hearts class....so you guys intrested?
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    Anyone wanna have a clan war with my clan,gil=400million

    Any clan that wants to have a war against mine, post here if you guys win you get 400,000,000 gil(maybe even more gil), if we win we get nothing...unless you guys have a final blade up for a reward, but thats up to you. Anyone intrested? ;)
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    I have been here over a year!! =D

    whee I wanted to make a thread for my year aniversary but was afraid it'd be locked, down and given a warning...since this section wasn't created yet...but wheee I've been here for over a year =D........*throws party* who else have been here for over a year? :cool:
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    Animation/flash movies

    Well Does anyone know what kind of programs to use to create flash movies...I only know Macromedia Flash MX which I have...but I need desperate help on it...I just need to get started and all the tutorials are really confusing....if anyone out there does have it....and knows how to use...
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    skeet skeet

    Does anyone truly know what skeet skeet means? my whole class had a debate on what skeet skeet means.....post what you think it means.....and for the few that don't know what skeet skeet is its black lingo...AKA black slang.......ebonics.....