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  1. Voltron

    -sigh- (Sam)

    Due to some current happenings that are a little personal, I'm only allowed to be on the internet for one hour Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, I'm allowed on two hours. So I'll only be on from 8:00 PM till 9:00 PM and weekends 8:00 PM till 10:00 PM But, I was told that I was...
  2. Voltron


    YouTube - CORALINE SNEAK PEEK WEEK - Day 1: Behind the Scenes of Coraline I honestly think the movie looks awesome. What are your thoughts?
  3. Voltron

    Total Drama Island

    This show is like, one of the greatest out there. Its hilarious, and the campers are awesome Anyone else like this show? YouTube - Total Drama Island opening theme high quality There is the opening to it
  4. Voltron

    Vacation time :D

    I have no idea what the heck happened =/
  5. Voltron

    Vacation time :D

    Hey guys! Face will be going to the beach for a week! I thought I would let all of you guys know =P I'm leaving tomorrow at 6:00 A.M. A 7 hour drive awaits! I'm still going to be on for a bit so yeah! Sorry about the other thread. Something happened, I don't know what so just over look it =]
  6. Voltron

    The SolidMetal Fanclub

    Solid is one of the greatest guys here. SOOOOO he needs a dang fanclub Soo here it is =]]]]]]] <3 Of course I'm the main guy in charge (next to solid) =] SO COME AND TALK ABOUT HIS AWESOMENESS
  7. Voltron


    I love violins. Does anyone on here like the Violin? Do you play? I got one for Christmas this year and I love it. I can't play yet, but I'm in the process of learning xD So, what are your thoughts on them?
  8. Voltron

    One question

    You know how during the tutorial for the first Kingdom Hearts there are pictures of the Princesses of Heart on the floor? The first one is Snow White, second is Cinderella, third is something, fourth is Aurora, and the fourth is Belle? Well what is the third one a picture of? And what do...
  9. Voltron

    The Weekenders

    YouTube - The Weekenders This had to of been like the greatest show to come on Disney. What do you all think about it?
  10. Voltron

    Face's theory.

    OK, so remember when, in the opening for Kingdom Hearts 2, Roxas and Xemnas were in Deep Dive, and Xemnas tells Roxas, "I've been to see him. He looks a lot like you." And in Final Mix they show a scene were Xemnas is walking into a dungeon-like-thing and he sat in a chair, and there was a suit...
  11. Voltron

    Hannah Montana

    I use to HATE this show when it first came on. Now I love it. What about you guys? You like it or not? Lilly <3 Note * I searched didn't see anything*
  12. Voltron

    Saix vs Axel

    I would really like to see how Axel does in this. I personally think Saix would OWN him with his speed. Axel has a bit of a chance but not a big one Oh and I didn't pick Saix because I hate Axel if you are wondering
  13. Voltron

    Taking sometime off.

    I'm going to take some time off from the computer. I gots other things to do and well theres not much going on. I will be on some more tonight but not a lot I'm not leaveing I will be back in about like a week or so. Later all.
  14. Voltron

    Sailor Moon

    Since the last one got merged with a Pokemone thread I made a new one. So yeah its like the greatest anime EVAH!!!! So everyone converse as you normaly would =)
  15. Voltron

    Android Kikaider: The Animaton

    Have any of you ever watched this Anime? Its a really good one it came on in 2003I think but now it doesn't. I never finnished the whole thing but what I saw was AWESOME.
  16. Voltron

    Help/Support ► I have a problem D:

    Ok this goes back to forth grade. Ever since then all my friends have been girls because all of the guys there were stupid and talked about nothing more than sports and were always mean to me. So i started hanging out with girls because tehy were nice to me. Well in 7th grade kids started...
  17. Voltron

    AP help

    How do I get AP all my party memebers AP all the way up to equip all their abillities? I have all the AP boosts from the chests but they are not enough
  18. Voltron

    Happy Birthday TheMuffinMan :D

    Happy 18th birthday dude :D
  19. Voltron

    How many of you have beaten....

    how many of you have beaten Xaldin without him useing the move where he turns green and makes the tornado once? just wondering
  20. Voltron

    What does sora mean when he says...

    in one part of the game when he meets the three fairys in Yen Sids castle he says "with the five of us i mean the six of us theres no way we can lose" but when he says this he just names Him donald goofey riku and the king and thats just five so.... who is the sixth person? its just...