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  1. Katsagu

    How are you feeling about the future of KH?

    So with the completion of UX, joined with Re:Mind and MoM. It is fair to say we have a good base to figure out some of the stuff that will be happening going forward. The question now would be: do you like the direction the series is taking? And what are your hopes based on what we know? For...
  2. Katsagu

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    Oh god... Well, this seems to be gaining some traction over on twitter, and if true it is pretty serious, we might as well have a place do discuss it here. What a huge yikes and a shame. That audio is something else, totally disgusting, if you love Axel, I would suggest not even hearing it.
  3. Katsagu

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    So, a user on KH's subreddit got a copy early a couple of days ago, up untill now he has been posting information while going through the game's story mode, I guess it would be fine to have a place to discuss this here on the forum. DON'T SCROLL DOWN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET SPOILED IN THREAD...
  4. Katsagu

    Worried with KH3 music in MoM

    So we are past the final trailer and there has already been a big blowout of information from the japanese press... And we still don't know how KH3 music will work apart from having let it go in the game and knowing the game has music from that game. This has me worried in regards to world...
  5. Katsagu

    All confirmed musics so far

    Hey all. I decided it would be a good idea to have a thread where we can make a list from the confirmed songs to be in the game, received from promotional material. I intend to update this OP with new songs showed. So let's go! KINGDOM HEARTS: MELODY OF MEMORY The Songs So Far Kingdom...
  6. Katsagu


    Hello, im Katsagu, i love kh, i think it is the best game ever. Hope i have a good time here ^^