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  1. SORA619

    Are we going to see a korean edition before the EU and US ones?

    Ware they going to make a korean edition which features english VA or at english subs? I bought the korean edition of Tales Of Graces f last June and it had english VA. The thing is it wasn't released in 2012 like the US one but in 2010 as the backbox says. Is there any possibility to see...
  2. SORA619

    Best and fastest way to farm link points (Ability link) for my Dream Eaters?

    I'mm trying to farm LP for my dream eaters to get some skills (especially HP Upgrades) but except the ballon mini game I haven't found a way to get more. The fights give me nothing.. Has anyone found a good farm way? :3
  3. SORA619

    Two things I don't understand.

    I'm in the worlds that never was and now that they mentioned the seven keyholes again, I have a question years now. Why some worlds have more than one Keyhole? Same thing happened in KH II too. For every thing that is happening to a world that means we get a new keyhole? I thought that the 7th...
  4. SORA619

    This is getting annoying

    First of all i dind't know if it was the right section to make the thread. Move it if it wrong. I was searching in the forums and i ended to the thread about the sales of BbS so far. I saw monkey's post there and it made me think some things Monkey: In the states however, there is no telling...
  5. SORA619


    Sorry if it has been posted before but search doesn't working and i haven't seen a same topic Here is the secret ending without sound or subs. It isn't CGI YouTube - KH Birth by Sleep - Secret Ending [Perfect quality]
  6. SORA619

    Then and now

    BbS is one one week far before it hits japan's stores and step step we will discover the story by youtube's help or the game itself. I don't know if this thread is right to be make, but i made it because i want us to remember the past years when we heard for BbS for the first time. It all...