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  1. Veevee

    I still kinda miss the cool ideas brought up in this game.

    .. by which I mean the memory manipulation by Naminé and the "smell darkness" stuff by Riku. Let me explain. Back then, when I first played Re:Com in 2013 (Europe didn't have the PS2-version of the game and the GBA one was expensive) I really admired the idea how memories work. A lot of games...
  2. Veevee

    Anyone playing (Pokemon) Mystery Dungeon games?

    Hi, title says all. Do you play these games? Do you play the remake that has been released recently? I played PMD: Blue when it released and loved it. Got PMD: Darkness after that and forgot about the series for a while, even though it was really good. Last year, I felt like playing it again...
  3. Veevee

    Advice for a beginner of FF8

    Hey guys, I recently bought FF8 Remastered on Switch and plan to play it. I already started playing FF8 once, but didn't come far (beginning of Disc 2) even though the story hooked me - there was so much that I felt I was kinda doing wrong or missing or whatever, e.g. I never found the weapon...
  4. Veevee

    Game: Give a short, funny description of a video game

    Hi! Thought we could play a game I recently saw on Reddit .. describe one or more video games with a short description, a quote from the game, a single word, a poem or whatever funny way comes to mind. The other posters can try to guess which game it is ;) I'll start with a few ones: 1. A blue...
  5. Veevee

    What are the chances for a Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm?

    Despite not being too good on Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, I loved the game. I'd love to see one for Kingdom Hearts - any spinoffs in general. I have no idea whether the FFT games were well recepted, so how is the chance for KHT?
  6. Veevee

    Say something nice about characters you dislike

    Thought it might be fun. Let's go! Roxas: I love the KH2 tutorial section and stupid as they may be, always had a thing for his clothes. Axel: Despite having a terrible arc, he's a pretty cool guy. Xehanort: I like that the villain is an old guy, doesn't happen too often. Xigbar: I like his...
  7. Veevee

    Let's discuss comedy, self-awareness and the fourth wall in KH3.

    Hey guys, I haven't seen a thread yet that discusses these topics, but if I'm wrong, I apologize beforehand, feel free to delete it. Since I feel there might be a lot of interesting opinions on these topics, I want to discuss them. KH3 has tried a different approach of comedy than the other...
  8. Veevee

    Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley, Portia and the like.

    Hello, since I love farm simulation games, I wanted to have a thread where you can discuss them all :) Do you play these games? Which is your favorite and why? I always had a soft spot for these games. Starting with Friends of Mineral Town, I tried several Harvest Moon games - I love Hero of...
  9. Veevee

    I was never fully convinced by Axel's extreme character change.

    First of all, I don't dislike Axel. I like his type of character, but I could never really connect with him because his rash development always kinda irritated me. In Re:Com, we get to see him as cunning, smart-mouthed, manipulative and cold-blooded. He kills Vexen without a second thought...
  10. Veevee

    Games where you don't like the games, but kinda love the franchise

    What I mean by that is - have you ever played a game where you thought the game was rather stupid / boring / unlikeable, but you grew to like the franchise after all? For me, it's the case with Life is Strange. I detest the respective last chapter of LiS1 and BtS with a passion, but I love the...
  11. Veevee

    Dragonball Dokkan Battle Thread

    Hey, not sure if this exists already, if yes, I'm sorry that I missed it, but I wanted to ask whether we have people here who also play Dokkan Battle :) I'm currently Rank 289 and play a Movie Bosses / Full Power Setup with Broly as the lead. Ranked fairly well with that in the latest World...
  12. Veevee

    The portrayal of darkness throughout the games

    Soo ... the Kingdom Hearts games are often about a struggle between light and darkness, the need to keep both in balance and insists that darkness is not inherently a bad thing. Xehanort especially insists on their balance, that darkness shouldn't be supressed but channeled while characters like...
  13. Veevee

    Can someone give me insight to the Nomura FFXV salt mine?

    Hey guys, so, I know that Nomura was taken from FFXV at some time which left him really salty because it was "his" game. This is showing in KH3 which Riku's outfit, verum rex, the secret ending and so on. Now I was thinking about both sides of the story - why was Nomura taken away from the...
  14. Veevee

    How is Master Xehanort a portal?

    Hey guys, seriously, I don't get this. They talk about Xehanort being able to time-travel which makes him, according to the game's logic, to a portal itself. Then Sora takes that information to leap ... into? Master Xehanort where he finds the latter's origin world and battles him. Maybe I got...
  15. Veevee

    Looking for a cutscene

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the cutscene where Xemnas talks to Roxas in front of the old mansion and gives him his name. I know it's in the Days Opening, but you can't hear Xemnas talking due to the opening music playing. I'm looking for the same cutscene, but the version where you can hear Xemnas...
  16. Veevee

    Why did Marluxia and Larxene try to take over the organisation?

    Hey guys, this has bothered me for a while now. I recently rewatched the cutscenes of the game and it's stated that both baddies try to take over the organisation by using Naminé to make Sora their puppet. So far, so good. The real question to me is: Why? What were they trying to with Sora /...
  17. Veevee

    Who are the two hooded people in the background of Naminé's drawing?

    Heya fellow members, I replayed the tutorial section of KH2 a while ago and took quite some time to look at all of Naminé's drawings in the white room of the haunted mansion. There is this one drawing where you see Axel and Roxas (backside) in the foreground and two hooded people in...
  18. Veevee

    Why do so many people want Riku to die in 3?

    Hello folks, Reading comments here and there, I've noticed that a lot of people claim Riku will be killed or even wish he'll be killed in 3 "because his arc is completed". I really don't understand where this notion is coming from for several reasons but I would like to know whether I maybe just...
  19. Veevee

    Anyone at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert in Munich?

    Hey guys, I don't know whether this is the right place for it, so feel free to move the topic if it's inappropriate. I just wanted to ask whether some members are at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert in Munich at the 15.09. this year? :)
  20. Veevee

    Why are there even new princesses of heart?

    Hey guys, I really hope this is not too dumb a question, maybe it has already been answered somewhere, somehow, but since I try to avoid too grave spoilers about KH3 but couldn't avoid this news, I'd love to get an answer to this: Why are there new princesses of heart in KH3? I know that the...