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    If there is one improvement i hope to see with the next game

    It's having the original cast spending more time together. Not sure about everyone else but I'm pretty tired of everyone being separated all the time at this point. With Xehanort shenanigans most likely being done after this. It'll be great opportunity to have some relaxed, fun interactions...
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    Does Nomura need to just come out and say it

    Nah ma Diddny wirlds! Also made this to just separate the Disney world talk from the thread. Give up, it's ovah.
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    Would you say Atlantis is less likely now or not?

    I mean the thing is just because Port Royal showed underwater diving/combat doesn't mean it's only for that world. Scaling and sky diving is used for multiple worlds so why not underwater diving/combat? There's still the massive aesthetic difference between the two so it's not like there's a...
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    So the worlds do have transition screens?

    I remember something was said about seamless worlds a while ago but i vaguely remember seeing a pic somewhere in the Toy Box that implied there was actually a transition screen present. Just wanted to be sure.
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    Hope the new union leaders eventually get their own unique Keyblades

    Pretty dull having the new leaders use the same weapons...starter weapons at that. Would cement them being the new Leaders more, that and Keyblades based on them are bound to look great. Would give their unions a little more identity too.(Assuming we'll have to eventually choose again)
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    So looking over Sora's KH3 outfit

    I was thinking with customization's being a sure thing for 3,what you would change colorwise that would improve his outfit for you. For one i'll definitely change his pants color to red..that for me is a huge improvement alone. I'll also change all the gray.
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    After Sora, Donald and Goofy

    What would be the next best overall party composition? I mean there's no denying that SDG are best trio in the series,they may not be the strongest but they make it up with everything else. A Sora,Riku and Aqua party seems it'll be by far the strongest.I doubt there's anything these three...
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    Aqua's face appreciation

    Cuz it be too pretty. They just knew the anticipation to see her face was too much so they blew half the budget on it. Like damn.
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    I hope they keep KH2 Sora out of combat stance

    Always liked how he rested the keyblade on his shoulder out of combat. I just dislike the way he held it in DDD and Olympus part of the E3 trailer out of combat. I'm not sure if i'm alone in wanting this.
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    Seamless worlds

    Just wondering how people feel towards every world being totally seamless. Pretty much just massive worlds with no loading screens. I personally like the idea of just being able to run/free flow from the start to the end with no loading.I mean to me that sounds amazing. I personally feel this...
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    Question about Wonderland

    Why was the Maze and some of the forest pictures on the wall?I alway's hated that about wonderland. Was it laziness or something?I really wanted to go through the maze seeing i loved that part of the movie.
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    The world submerged in sleep

    So does this mean that some of worlds we visit in the game are actually dreams,so all the events taken place in the dream world won't have any effect on the real world,so there's a chance Notre dame will return in kh3 seeing the events only happened in a dream? Notre dame was one of my most...
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    A question

    Seeing Xehanort is going to come back whole. I was wondering when their heartless and nobody is defeated do they retain all the memories of when they were a heartless and nobody? Xehanort hasn't actually met Sora but his nobody and heartless has so i was wondering if he'll remember everything...
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    Frustrated by a certain boss

    Why does beating Vanitas sentiment unlock the second secret boss for all my files!! That's Bullshit man,i didn't get any of the chest's in the land of departure for aqua,now if i want to get the chest now i have to beat the boss. I doubt there's any way to get them without beating him right?
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    I was curious about this

    but is there any reason to level the regular aqua save compared to the last episode?
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    I was wondering about this

    In Alice in wonderland,why was the maze a picture on the wall?I've alway's wondered that.Did they give a reason for that?
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    I was wondering this

    Why was Bahamut taken out of kh1 as a summon?
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    For the people who spoiled bbs

    Are you still intent on buying bbs?I only saw terra's ending so of course i'am still going to buy it.
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    Have they ever shown how

    it looks when a nobody is being created.Like for example roxas.Does he just appear in a bright light or something?They never actually showed any scene's of them being created.I guess it would be interesting to see. Just little thoughts i have and that i want to get answered nothing more.
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    Do TAV

    capes mean anything or it's just for show?Maybe you'll get the capes after you pass the examination or something...just a guess