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  1. Rexy

    Princesses of Heart and Sleeping Keyholes

    Hi there. Long time no see! I've been having these wierd thoughts lately. Can we discuss them? For once we know that there are many sleeping keyholes. I do believe that there are only seven in order to gain the power of waking, but onde you set foot in the sleeping realm, you can creat one to...
  2. Rexy

    Keyblade Transformations

    Hi everyone, it's a long time since I last logged in in here. How is everyone doing? I've played kh3 again recently and I really enjoyed the keyblade transformations and the ability to change from keyblade/tranformation mid-combo. Personaly I love starting to attack with ultimate form, doing...
  3. Rexy

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Lobby

    Hi there. Just now have I bought the playstation plus, so only now can I play online. I'm asking if there are some candidates do create a lobby so that we can play without very long load times. Thanks in advance.
  4. Rexy

    What have I done -.-

    Hi here. So I've completed Sora's story on the:Chain of Memories and started a gamw with Riku. I don't know how I did that but I save my new game on top of my Sora save file. My question is, after I complete Ricky's story, if I start a new one with Sora, will I be able to get the cards that are...
  5. Rexy

    Dr. Facilier

    Just a little thought I had today... what if Hades pulled Dr. Facilier like he did with Auron... like he was put on the 'other side' by his 'friends' and maybe hades could pull him back and start a new villains council (like Maleficent had) to destroy Sora, since he banished him into the River...
  6. Rexy

    New Intervir?

    Don't know if this is new but please, feel free to see. I think it is new though http://venturebeat.com/2016/07/16/kingdom-hearts-iiis-codirector-dissects-the-franchises-combat-and-magic-evolution/2/
  7. Rexy

    Kingdom Hearts III tutorial

    I have this idea for a long time and I thought on sharing with you all :p So, the beginning of kh3, after the cgi movie, takes place in Twilight Town, with Kairi stepping out of the blue train that comes from the Mysterious Tower. Then the tutorial starts with you outside the station. The...
  8. Rexy

    Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi Europeu Version (party question)

    hi there guys and gals. I'm playing the game in the NA version and I'm considering playing the europian version once it releases, because i'm from europeu. What I wanted to know is, I'm from Portugal, is there any other portuguese fans of kh that would like to forma a party once the game releases?
  9. Rexy

    Daybreak Town and Twilight Town

    So I've been thinking. We all know that Daybreak Town is the Home World of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. When The Land of Departure fell into Darkness, by the hand of Xehanort, Aqua, when returning home, with Ventus, used Eraqus' keyblade to lock the land and transformed it into Castle Oblivion...
  10. Rexy

    If I liked Atlantica!!!

    Sorry folks, just have to talk :p I was playng my kh2.5 game and after completing pride lands, I went to Atlatica to finish the final chapter. I forgot and, in the middle of the song I just presses start... When I realized it I remembered that we don't have a continue button, the closest to it...
  11. Rexy


    Hi there. All the members, we where on a party but only 2 of us played só we decided to create our own party. sadly i'm alone in the party now. I'm asking if there is anyone alone as well that would like to get on a party?
  12. Rexy

    Little Question (BbS "Spoilers"?)

    Hi there everyone, long time no see :) How's it going? So I'm an huge fan of KH, and have been since the series started, and I know almost everything about the series and the plot (my only "plot problem" that I still am a little confused is the Time Travel thingamagick but I'll get there...
  13. Rexy

    Flick Rush Wireless Battle

    Does anyone on this forums still plays Flick Rush? Never tryed the wireless battles, is there anyone that still plays them?
  14. Rexy

    A video to laugh

    Don't know if this is in the right place xD Just found this on youtube and I really laugh with it xD What are your opinions? watch?v=XorCG9p_nP4
  15. Rexy

    Donald and Goofy

    Hi there. Just some thoughts :p I loved Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 1: > Donald can hold a punch and have a good range of abilities and magics (the same as Sora's) > Goofy has good abilities and can hold a lot of punches. From that game onwards, personaly, I don't really like Donald in...
  16. Rexy

    Best fan made works

    Hi everybody. Don't know if it's on the right place (probably not, sorry about that :rolleyes:) I saw this and I was really amazed with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB1NMf9Qe-Y&feature=iv&src_vid=2pSLZQFjDOM&annotation_id=annotation_251302421 It is normal to see a lot of works from...
  17. Rexy

    Ffx2 % help

    Hi there everyone. First of all I want to give all of you a good easter :biggrin: On to business... i finished ffx2 yesterday with 84%, percentage this that its not bad, I think, simce it's the first time that I complete the game (and I didn't use a guide). I decided to complete the game in...
  18. Rexy

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trophy problem

    Hi there, long time since my last post. I was seeing my trophies of KHBbS when I saw that I don't have the Collectors trophy. I loaded my game with Terra, Aqua and Ventus, went to reports and I have all the stickers with all 3 characters. Can someone help me? Isn't that what its necessary to...
  19. Rexy


    Do you know the website of Did You Know Gamming? Here's a little piece of information theyposted a few days ago:
  20. Rexy

    Icing on the cake

    I found this online and haven't got the time to try it out yet, but loved the humour on the page. Don't know if it was post already but here it goes, hope you all enjoy :tongue: Sea Salt Ice-Cream, Not Just for Nobodies (Recipe Included) | Disorganization XIII