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  1. Rodin

    The Wolf Among Us season 2 (2023)

    Debut trailer Behind the scenes The Wolf is back y'all
  2. Rodin

    TV ► Around the world in 80 days

    Anyone else watching this?
  3. Rodin

    KH movie pitch

    The best way to adapt Kingdom hearts as a movie is to split it up into smaller chunks like Star Wars or the Godfather. Kingdom Hearts 1 could be its own trilogy of movies. For 2, 3 and all the spinoffs you do the Marvel Phases thing. Martin Scorsese infamously called Marvel movies “not real...
  4. Rodin

    DmC: Devil May Cry remake pitch.

    I'm gonna be fair and redo DmC as well. I prefer it to 4 but it's still a mixed bag. Redoing DmC is tough. It would've been better for DmC if they pitched it as a canon entry than a reboot. Letting it be another sidestory/prequel etc. Before DMC5, DMC stories was pretty disconnected from each...
  5. Rodin

    DMC4 Remake pitch.

    I was pretty dissapointed in DMC4 back in the day. Unlike the previous 3 entries and the 5th entry, I felt like it needed a massive overhaul. Here are a few options because i'm bored. A) instead of Dante, Vergil is involved- I wrote Nero off as a Discount Dante with a lame love story. While...
  6. Rodin

    My ideal Jak and Daxter remake/reboot pitch

    My ideal Jak and Daxter reboot/remake/crossover is based on this mod for KH2FM. Step aside Sora, let the demolition duo show you how it's done. I was more of a hack and slash teen than a 3rd person shooter. So I don't mind swapping play styles. I'm fine with keeping the platformer but just add...
  7. Rodin

    TV ► Upcoming DMC anime

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ign.com/articles/devil-may-cry-anime-scripts-done-multiple-seasons-dante-vergil%3famp=1 A new DMC anime from the producer of Castlevania Netflix was announced in 2018. Here's an update and a few more details. I wasn't a big fan of the last anime and 4/5/reboot...
  8. Rodin

    God of War: Ragnarok(2022)

    Dad of Boi returns.
  9. Rodin

    Kingdom Hearts 1992 edition.

    Someone theorized what would happen if Kingdom Hearts released a decade earlier. I thought it was fun.
  10. Rodin

    Cover art feedback for my fanfic "Fresh Start"

    Courtesy of Absolitude Corner who also did Vijay in my sig. which one do you guys like best? https://archiveofourown.org/works/23811871 This is a crossover between Jak and Daxter and FF10-2. It's more of a teaser than a full work.
  11. Rodin

    Post your favorite "KH rewrite" videos.

    There are alot of rewrite kH videos on YouTube. Anyone have any favorites they would like to share? This is mine-
  12. Rodin

    Re: Canon shipping by Nukara

    There was a fanfic i liked called the Flower Princess and the Alchemist. Its a Fullmetal alchemist/Bleach crossover that has a believable romance between Ed and Orihime. Its not a canon ship but it got me thinking about why Ichigo/Orihime never worked for me. A lot of shounen manga don't really...
  13. Rodin

    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One reveal trailer- coming 2021

  14. Rodin

    Fanfiction ► Fresh start- a Jak and Daxter/FF10-2 fanfic

    Jak arose feeling hurt. His body ached and he recognized where he was. He was on the Gullwings ship. They didn't have a proper medbay so the spare room in the cellar made do. He noticed they bandaged his rib cage. He ran his fingers over his side and remembered where Errol stabbed him. He...
  15. Rodin

    What would happen if Kairi was there Part 2?

    Its a follow up to the other thread in the Chain of Memories section. Basically how would the game changed if Kairi was with Sora earlier ? That could involve her being with Sora in Castle Oblivion or her being on Hollow Bastion during the year in between. Any other scenarios welcome.
  16. Rodin

    How they could've incorporated new Disney worlds in Chain of Memories

    In another thread I thought of a way for Chain of Memories to have new worlds for the player to explore. Forget the behind the scenes issues. "CoM could've had new Disney worlds but they would have to come from Riku's offscreen memories from KH1. Sora's could have worked but Riku's would have...
  17. Rodin

    What would happen if Kairi was there?

    If Kairi stayed with Sora at the end of 1, how would this game's story would play out?
  18. Rodin

    Patrick (H) Willem and Just Write explain Kingdom Hearts and WHY IT'S GREAT

    I saw it on my feed and thought to share it with you.
  19. Rodin

    Fanfiction ► Style is thrifty: A DmC/DMC fanfic

    https://archiveofourown.org/works/17312579/chapters/40723301 I wrote a DMC/DmC crossover because I was sick of the fanbase fighting over which was better.
  20. Rodin

    Fanfiction ► Unexpected Guests a Newt/Leta fanfic.

    I was a fan of the Newt/Leta ship from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies. So I wrote an indulgent mess of a fic about it. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13167260/1/Unexpected-Guest please give it a shot and let me know what you think. It was inspired by another fic, Typical...