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  1. Face My Fears

    Studio Ghibli In KH 4?

    With everyone speculating that live action worlds will be the majority of KH 4, I was wondering if anyone thinks that Studio Ghibli can appear in some shape or form? I say this because they have a distinct style that is different from the regular DISNEY animated films, so I think they would suit...
  2. Face My Fears


    Does anyone know if the Lingering Will fight is canon? Did Nomura ever confirm it? Also, does killing Lingering Will cause Terra's soul to go back to his body, which helps Namine save him?
  3. Face My Fears


    With KH4 going in a completely new direction, sadly the question must be asked: Will Dearly Beloved or an Utada Hikaru theme song return to KH? I know this will be controversial, but if Nomura was going to make such huge changes to what fans know a KH game has... this will be the best time to...
  4. Face My Fears

    Did KINGDOM HEARTS III Under-Perform?

    I'm not sure what game sales are normally expected to be. But was KINGDOM HEARTS III a failure in sales for Square Enix? Especially given the amount of hype and the fact that it was KINGDOM HEARTS III which everyone was waiting for, should it have sold more? I see that it only sold one million...
  5. Face My Fears


    Hi there, I just beat The Last of Us Part II. I heard before about the backlash, but because I was avoiding spoilers I have no idea what exactly it was about. Can someone explain to me what was so wrong about the game and what people did?
  6. Face My Fears

    Queen Xion's Keyblade - IN KH3

    We all know that Xion's keyblade was "a sham" in Days. Is it safe to assume that it was also "a sham" in KH3 while working for the Organization? It seems to work fine when they all point their keyblades to the portal in the sky, so was there some point in time where the keyblade went from being...
  7. Face My Fears

    Simple & Clean (Ray of Hope Mix)

    Does anyone know where I can get the Simple & Clean (Ray of Hope Remix) that is from the 0.2 intro video IE the shorter version? I bought the album and it's the full length version which I don't really want as much as the version from the intro. Thanks.
  8. Face My Fears

    Canonical Order For World Visits?

    I was wondering if they ever confirmed the canonical order of worlds that Sora visits in each game? With worlds like Atlantica as skippable in KH1, it's interesting to me whether they have an actual order that you should visit the worlds. In KH1, I assumed it was the difficulty rating when you...
  9. Face My Fears


    I was wondering if any knows the answer to this: How did Terra-Xehanort exist post KH2? Assuming that when Ansem and Xemnas got killed, Master Xehanort was recompleted as himself, then what happened to Terra's body/heart? As we clearly see Master Xehanort as himself in KH3D, there's no way that...
  10. Face My Fears

    Dark Road ► Did Dark Road's Ending Get Released?

    I heard about KHUX and KH Dark Road ending, so I looked around on YouTube for the cutscenes. I could only find KHUX's ending scenes. Did Dark Road have an end cutscene? If that hasn't been released yet, will they ever release an ending for the game or did they just cancel the game mid-way through?
  11. Face My Fears

    DISNEY Villains/Worlds Returning

    This is something that I've been thinking about for a while. There are DISNEY worlds and villains that people complain are dead or "overused" and shouldn't ever return to the KH franchise. The thing is that these timeless villains and worlds - in the game story - may have been used "recently"...
  12. Face My Fears

    Who Needs New Outfits?

    I'm currently replaying BbS and I don't know why, but Terra's outfit works in those graphics, but I feel like he needs a complete overhaul in KH3 graphics. Aside from Terra, I think a lot of characters can use a makeover now that we're moving forward into Phase 2. Which characters do you think...
  13. Face My Fears


    I was scrolling through all the DISNEY movies on DISNEY+ and came across this old movie "Ugly Dachsunds" that has this long warning before the movie about how it was insensitive to people's cultures and contains poor cultural representation. Apparently they're including this for all previous...
  14. Face My Fears

    WHAT IF: PIXAR Worlds Are Connected To Quadratum?

    I was thinking about how Toy Box is basically connected to Quadratum due to that world introducing us to Verum Rex and Yozora. Then it got me thinking about the only other PIXAR world in KH3 - Monstropolis. Toy Box is connected to Quadratum, not only because it contains Verum Rex, but also...
  15. Face My Fears

    Is This Common For Modern Games?

    I was wondering if it was common for modern day games to have non-talking characters just stare emotionlessly into space and be robotic, like in this scene in KH3? Like I cannot stop looking at Kairi because she stays in the same position - only blinking - for almost the entire cutscene. She...
  16. Face My Fears

    What If: Unreality Is Reality and Sora's Reality Is Fiction?

    Does anyone think that Nomura will pull a good ole switch-a-roo with Quadratum? What if it's discovered that "unreality" is the real world and Sora's reality is the fictional one? With that said, what actually determines which one is fictional and which one is real? From either of their...
  17. Face My Fears

    Overture To The Decisive Battle

    Can someone please tell me the names of every song used in "Overture To The Decisive Battle"? I can make out most of the songs, but some of them I'm not sure.
  18. Face My Fears

    "Face My Fears" Question

    Does anyone know whether "Face My Fears" was written in English first, then translated into Japanese? Also, who came up with the lyrics? Skrillex or The Queen?
  19. Face My Fears

    Olympus Coliseum & Treatment of Disney Worlds

    I've been thinking a lot about how the Disney worlds' appearances seem limited by the films' potential in the KH series. Hercules was never a favourite film of mine, I barely remembered what happened in it besides Hercules saving Meg at the end and Pegasus (when I was younger) and I didn't...
  20. Face My Fears

    Help/Support ► Making New Friends During COVID

    So I moved to a new location shortly before COVID happened. I didn't really get to know anyone around the area, that's already a tough thing for me to do in regular life. When COVOD happened, I pretty much was on my own since I didn't know anyone around here and obviously no one was going to...