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  1. Face My Fears

    Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event recap video released!

    Does the video include the LIVE concert?
  2. Face My Fears

    Studio Ghibli In KH 4?

    With everyone speculating that live action worlds will be the majority of KH 4, I was wondering if anyone thinks that Studio Ghibli can appear in some shape or form? I say this because they have a distinct style that is different from the regular DISNEY animated films, so I think they would suit...
  3. Face My Fears

    A Discussion Regarding KH1

    The keyblade would have probably transferred to Sora anyway, appearing when they ended up in Hollow Bastion together. Maleficent would try and manipulate them both (especially Sora) in order to get access to the keyblade. With Sora and Riku gone, Kairi would probably have died or found a way...
  4. Face My Fears

    Donald having Zettaflare doesn’t necessarily make him more powerful than Bahamut.

    I'm assuming that Donald's Zettaflare is more powerful than Bahamut's Flare - the only reason Zettaflare didn't destroy the Keyblade Graveyard is because 1) Donald focused the attack and 2) he didn't use the magic to target an entire world. Donald may not have enough energy to cast the spell to...
  5. Face My Fears

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    I cannot believe they would make Wooper Poison/Ground! And those legendaries look like the Yugioh 5DS motorbikes!
  6. Face My Fears

    Super Groupies launches new Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary collection!

    I want the jackets, but I'm not sure if they are actually good jackets for cold weather lol. I might just get an umbrella and call it a day.
  7. Face My Fears

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    What was HotH? I joined back in 2006/2007, but I didn't really post a lot, but I read all the theories and loved the sigs/artwork the forum had. I'm glad that you're doing well.
  8. Face My Fears

    2023 is very clearly gonna be the year of Final Fantasy for SE

    All I'm asking for in 2023 is a KH4 world reveal trailer (probably Star Wars since everyone guessed that already) and a bit more story/gameplay elements. It would be enough to just see Luke in the party and even Darth Vader. Just as long as the world reveal isn't Hercules. They can release this...
  9. Face My Fears

    2023 is very clearly gonna be the year of Final Fantasy for SE

    I definitely think KH4 will be in 2024 which is fine with me. I don't want to buy a PS5 yet.
  10. Face My Fears

    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    I'm really hoping for at least 6 DISNEY worlds. 2 CGI, 2 live action and 2 traditionally animated (NOT Hercules again).
  11. Face My Fears

    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    OMG that sucks hearing that the worlds will be reduced. Although, my suspicions about the implementations of DISNEY worlds may be on point. I thought that maybe Nomura would pull elements from DISNEY and incorporate into Quadratum. So I think there may be about 5 full fledged DISNEY worlds...
  12. Face My Fears

    Film ► Pinocchio live action remake: "And the Cricket will be CGI"

    She's the "blue fairy", I don't think her race in this situation really matters? Also, Cynthia Erivo can sing phenomenally well, so if they give her more songs then it makes sense to cast her.
  13. Face My Fears

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Maybe the AT-AT foot was actually a vehicle from FFXVI? Or maybe they do a FF world fused with a "DISNEY" world (Star Wars)? It would be interesting to see an ACTUAL crossover again. We haven't see that done since KH2 (or I guess coded/BbS).
  14. Face My Fears

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Was I the only person that saw this and thought "that looks like the alleged Star Wars world in KH IV"?
  15. Face My Fears

    Film ► Strange World (2022)

    Really happy for Qui Nguyen. He was a lecturer of mine in college years ago, so it's great to see that his own projects/his name got out there (first with Raya). Let alone co-directing a DISNEY film.
  16. Face My Fears

    Why do people ship Roxas with Xion

    I agree. I actually wish that Axel died in KH2 and stayed dead. It would have made Roxas and Xion's returns in KH3 more emotional when they realize that Axel died saving Sora (who held Roxas and Xion's hearts). They're trying to turn Axel into the "Deadpool" of the KH series and it's just not...
  17. Face My Fears

    Why do people ship Roxas with Xion

    I'm fine with their stories being done... but if King Roxas and Queen Xion get dragged into Axel/Saix's nonsense, then I hope that Roxas and Xion get FOCUSED stories on them. Just because their original storyline is done doesn't mean Nomura can't whip up something new for them. I would love if...
  18. Face My Fears

    Keyblade spotted in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer

    How will the artist know? The artist may get gassed up by everyone claiming that its their fan art, but honestly in this situation I think it is near impossible to tell. For all we know, it could have been some intern that used that fan art as reference for Sora's hair and manually drew their...
  19. Face My Fears

    Why do people ship Roxas with Xion

    Yeah... I love them both, but I just don't see the ship at all. Their relationship comes across as brother/sister almost. I say that not because they're both "from Sora", but rather they grew up together in the Organization. Roxas sort of knew more things than Xion (not much more), but he looked...