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    A riddle of sorts

    A fork in the road leads to two towns: one town where everyone always tells the truth, and another where everyone always lies. You meet a man at the fork in the road, and wish to know which town he hails from. What question do you ask?
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    Candide's Garden: A Parable

    Not mine, but an interesting little story: "Perhaps this is the root of all evil, that gardeners are not put in charge of our schools." I read it a few months ago, forgot about it, then read it again just recently. I don't have coherent thoughts about it yet, but if you do, I'd be curious to...
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    A few days ago I put a WIP tag in my signature that looked like this. Chances are you didn't see it, because I took it down less than an hour later after switching to a darker forum skin and discovering that Spike's head, shoulders, and feet (basically any part not overlapping the colored...
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    Roleplayer Interviews - Voting

    Vote for who you would like to hear interviewed next! Voting ends 7-29 at whatever arbitrary time the forums decide to close off voting. The poll is anonymous, but feel free to comment in the thread about whom you are voting for and why!
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    Roleplayer Interview Nominations

    New month, new interview, let's get started! Give me your nominations for whom you'd like to hear interviewed next. If you can include a sentence or two explaining why you're nominating this person, even better! Since I've already interviewed Takushi Rena (and the OP now has transcripts and...
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    KHInsider Roleplayer Interview: Takushi Rena + Q&A (now with 50% more funny voices!)

    Here it is! Sorry I'm so late in posting, but I think you'll enjoy this interview with Takushi Rena where we talk about three of her biggest ongoing projects: Kingdom Hearts: Arcana, the Traces roleplays, and Overbit Chaos. And more is coming! Because we spent the entire 25 minutes talking about...
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    Roleplayer Interviews - Special Guest Takushi Rena

    Hi all! Since Noblesse Oblige is currently suffering computer troubles and can't conduct the next interview just yet, I've decided to step in and do a 'special guest' interview with Takushi Rena! I'm calling it a special guest interview because (a) she has been interviewed before, (b) I didn't...
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    KHInsider Roleplayer Interview: CD-Man2021

    Here it is: KHInsider's first ever audio interview, featuring CD-Man2021 and myself! The interview runs just under thirty minutes, but that's because we had lots of interesting things to talk about! I highly recommend listening, but if you don't have the time or just prefer using your eyes to...
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    Roleplayer Interviews - Voting

    Voting for the next Roleplayer Interview takes place here! Unfortunately, the number of nominations exceeded the number I could put into the poll (the top number is 10), so preference was given to those who were repeat nominations and those nominated by more than one person. If you were...
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    New! Roleplayer Interview Nominations

    In case anyone missed it, we did put up an interview last month! I apologize that it's taken me since then to start the process for a second interview. A family illness took me off the site for quite awhile. But I'm ready to get things rolling again, so I figure we should start off with a new...
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    KHInsider Roleplayer Interview: Piercing Light

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed. Can you give a brief introduction of yourself, how long you've been roleplaying and where members are likely to find you in the RP section and the forums in general? Well let’s see, As everyone can see my username is Piercing Light...
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    Roleplayer Interview - Voting

    Please vote in the poll above for who you would like to see interviewed on their views and experiences in Roleplaying! If you want to post who you voted for and why, that's great! If you just want to vote, that's fine too. Also feel free to bring up any questions or topics you'd be interested...
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    Roleplayer Interview Nominations

    As I brought up in the the Roleplaying Tavern, I'd like to see roleplayer interviews brought back to the forum. Even though I wasn't too involved in this section at the time, I thought they were a fun and interesting way to learn about different roleplayers and maybe something about roleplaying...
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    I hate timed tests

    In what field of academics is your ability to think about a set of problems necessarily circumscribed within 35 minutes or it doesn't count? Is there a field where you can validly say "If I can't figure something out within 35 minutes, I give up!" and that's a positive thing? Or is there...
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    Attention Non-Fiction Writers!

    We don't have enough of this kind of writing. In an attempt to spark some interest in this, I'm going to post some links. The first is a little self-serving, because it's a series of short, non-fiction pieces I wrote a few years ago, but hopefully some people who haven't seen them before might...
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    Fanfiction ► Fandom of the Month: Kingdom Hearts - Naminé

    This is the full entry for November's Fandom of the Month. It's about 4,000 words, though I've kept it in one post because it really is intended as a "one-shot," a single, undivided story. Enjoy. Naminé My name is Naminé, and I have done terrible things. I have served the Organization...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Night of Fate

    Open Sept 30 - Oct 7 Please read these two posts before entering: [1][2] “Seth, don’t do that! Seth, Mommy said not to play on the beach with the storm coming!” Ignoring his little sister’s cries, Seth stripped off his shirt and pants, placing them carefully in the hollow of a tree where...
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    Winston Churchill was a Carrot: a mathematical proof

    The following is taken from Charles Seife's book, "Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea." It is a tremendous book, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the history or philosophy of mathematics. Let a and b each be equal to 1. Since a and b are equal, (eq. 1) b2 = ab Since...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Night of Fate (OOC)

    Night of Fate Trial Run And who knows: starting a new journey may not be so hard You know the scene. Destiny Islands (or one of any infinite number of islands like them) stands perched on the edge of a storm. A storm, unlike any other, that will envelope the world, tear its islands asunder...
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    Knowledge and Belief

    I've been bothered by this question for awhile: how do we define (and differentiate) what we know and what we believe, especially on religious questions? I've come up with a short "survey" to explore what we mean when we use those words. Start with a question: according to your epistemology...