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  1. Perkilator

    The character that you hope to explore more of their story in the new Saga?

    I still think not having a game dedicated to Kairi and Aqua’s training was a missed opportunity, cause that kind of premise is just rich for potential character development.
  2. Perkilator

    Make Your Own Kingdom Hearts Game Idea Here

    Okay, decided to take a crack at a real KH fighting game: Kingdom Hearts: Project Memory
  3. Perkilator

    Make Your Own Kingdom Hearts Game Idea Here

    Kingdom Hearts x Tekken A crossover that translates the KH cast into Tekken-style gameplay The story would be about Organization XIII (from the events of 358/2 Days) and the Mishima Zaibatsu (from the events of Tekken 6) going after an artifact that both sides believe beneficial to their...
  4. Perkilator

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I took a nap earlier today and had the weirdest dream; There was a new game called Kingdom Hearts x Tekken
  5. Perkilator

    KH Shower Thoughts

    This tweet speaks the truth:
  6. Perkilator

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Not gonna lie, I personally would’ve traded Missing Link for a Kairi side game for the Switch. Maybe it could take place around the same time as KH4 and also use a revised command deck and have you switch between Kairi and Aqua (both a single party).
  7. Perkilator

    Speculation: Star Wars in KH4 Trailer?!

    Could just be a regular forest setting, but that AT-ST looking foot has me intrigued.
  8. Perkilator

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    I…don’t know how to feel about this, tbh. I’ll wait until we get more information maybe at E3 lol on KH4 before I give my opinion.
  9. Perkilator

    Cartoon/TV ► disney+

    Anyone see this?
  10. Perkilator

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I think the Anti form Aqua took in three would make a good Rage Form for her
  11. Perkilator

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event held in Tokyo on April 10th

    I think it’d be cool to at least get a teaser of the new game at this event
  12. Perkilator

    KH Shower Thoughts

    This would be a cool idea for a game:
  13. Perkilator

    New Genres for Kingdom Hearts to Tackle

    What about a Kingdom Hearts SRPG?
  14. Perkilator

    KH Shower Thoughts

    If KH also got representation in Project X Zone, I think it would be interesting to have Kairi and Aqua be a Pair unit.
  15. Perkilator

    KH Shower Thoughts

    How to make Kairi instantly cuter: Lavender eyes Freckles
  16. Perkilator

    General Gameplay Ideas You Want to See in Future Games?

    If the next game stars Kairi and Aqua as the main protags, I wanna be able to switch between them on the fly.
  17. Perkilator

    Check out this AMAZING Coliseum mod for KH3!

    Everything in this video is WIP at the moment, but this is very well done! Makes me wish we got a Coliseum like this in the actual game, at least as part of the Re:Mind DLC.
  18. Perkilator

    Best 2021 KH memory

    Sora in Smash, no question
  19. Perkilator

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I think a world based on Sam Raimi's Spider Man trilogy could work with an original plot where the bad guys trick Sandman into thinking Spider-Man is after him. This would also be a good opportunity to "resurrect" Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus by creating near-lifelike copies of them with...
  20. Perkilator


    Oh yeah, there were also two very important factors towards the backlash: In-game, there was and Laura Bailey got backlash for being apart of it The game itself won GOTY 2020 despite the fact that Naughty Dog encouraged crunch culture