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  1. terraisawesome12

    Vanitas Hate/Critics Club

    Reasons to Hate Vanitas: 1. He contributed almost nothing to the main plot. 2. He is a *shitty* recolor of Sora. Founder: terraisawesome12 Members: rokudamia2 Lanydx reborn Vanitas in a Nutshell: Thanks to Grass for the above picture! Mascot(s):
  2. terraisawesome12

    Did anyone else hate Vanitas?

    I did. Mostly because he contributed almost nothing to the plot, and was just an excuse to have another Sora clone(he should have looked like Ven). As far as I'm concerned, Nomura needs to take his shitty recolors somewhere else. Vanitas is a *lame* Sora recolor.
  3. terraisawesome12

    Who's the cutest Organization Member?(not sexually)

    The cutest one is Zexion, followed closely by Demyx, and then Vexen. Those are my top three.
  4. terraisawesome12

    Do you think Aqua is overrated???

    I think she's overrated as all hell. I also think she's a walking Deus Ex Machina, but that's a different story. She appeared in ONE game, and she's already being pushed in our faces. Hell, even before BBS was out, she was hyped out because...OMG A GIRL WHO CAN FIGHT!!(Big deal, Kairi and Xion...
  5. terraisawesome12

    Axel Hate-Club 2.0

    Since the creator of the original Axel HC doesn't come here anymore, I've decided to make a new one. However, if she comes back, this can be closed. Axel, you may have a huge fanbase, but WE DON'T LIKE YOU. Commit it to memory. Reasons for Hating Axel He abandoned his best friend (Isa) for...
  6. terraisawesome12

    Would Zexion read Twilight?

    Zexion doesn't seem like the kind of person who would read Twilght, in my opinion. I'm sure glad Even never made Ienzo read that book (not that it exists there, but still). He would probably be mentally scarred for life reading it.
  7. terraisawesome12

    LEAST Favorite Character of All and why?

    Everyone already knows my least favorites, but I want to know everyone else's least favorites.
  8. terraisawesome12

    What Axel did to Zexion

    Remember that scene in the original Chain of Memories where Axel, Zexion, and Riku Replica are talking? For anyone who's played RE: CoM, you see Axel sick Riku Replica on Zexion. However, in the original GBA version, it shows just a black screen. What did you think happened? Since this might be...
  9. terraisawesome12

    Favorite Male/Female Character?

    Male- Terra. His body, his outfit, his style, his brooding dark hero status, EVERYTHING. He's also a gentleman. Terra is living proof that chivalry is VERY MUCH alive. Female- Xion. She has a good backstory, and she's great with Roxas and Axel(even as much as I dislike him).
  10. terraisawesome12

    Does Sora not care for Kairi???

    Before anyone asks, the reason I put this under "KH2" and not "Discussion" is because in KH1, he showed some signs of caring about her, and CoM/Re:CoM doesn't count. Throughout most of KH2, he searched for Riku, and ONLY Riku. I don't think he even asked about Kairi. He could at least have...
  11. terraisawesome12

    I think Sora WANTED Axel to die....

    Around the middle of the game, Sora went on a rampage against all Organization members. He beat Demyx, which there was no point in fighting him the second time. Later in the game, Axel and him go into a room and fight a bunch of Dusks, which, for some reason, Sora couldn't handle them. Keep in...
  12. terraisawesome12

    *Official Character X You FC*

    If you ever wanted to be with a canon character, this FC is for you. Just request joinage, and put your username/Original character name below your request. For example: "I'm joining! Terra x terraisawesome12" Not-So-Newlyweds: terraisawesome12 x Terra Newlyweds: VT/Aqua NeoEevee x Vanitas
  13. terraisawesome12

    New here...

    All you really need to know about me is that my favorite character is Terra, and my least favorite is Sora. I'm okay with everyone else, even Xion, but I just plain don't like Sora.