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    I still say DDD was the worst game of this entire series

    And now I have to unfortunately deal with it again. Good god. The worst KH game easily, even worse than KH2 and KH 358/2 Days. Even KH 358/2 Days was more enjoyable. They really jumped the shark with KH DDD, and made the story just unbelievably stupid. Such a shame. It was going so great with...
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    Just watched the KHII Secret Ending again

    And then compared it to the BBS in-game cut scene Boy....do they really know how to ruin an epic battle/scene. Anyway, I noticed in the KHII Secret Ending that Ven's keyblade broke. This did not happen in the BBS in game cutscene, but has a keyblade ever been broken in the series? What happens...
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    Terra should be the one to kill Xehanort, not Sora

    While Xehanort ruined everyone's life, Terra got it the worst, and should be the one to defeat and kill Xehanort. He has the more personal grudge against Xehanort. Sora didn't even know of Xehanort's existence until KHII, and Terra dealt with way worse than Sora. Let's see... -Master Xehanort...
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    Rate Strongest to weakest keyblade wielders in Birth By Sleep

    Venitas (X-Blade) > Master Xehanort > Terranort > Terra (full power with darkness) > Master Eraqus > Terra = Aqua > Vanitas > Ventus Aqua and Terra had equal power when they fought each other at the start of the game, but this is with Terra not using darkness. Terra defeated Master Eraqus using...
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    Mickey is an idiot.

    So let me get this straight... Yes, Mickey has never seen Terra, nor even knows what he looks like, which by the way is incredibly odd for him to say that his 3 friends suffered by Master Xehanort. He never met Terra, ever. Mickey has never seen Master Xehanort either, but heard the name...
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    Riku, Vanitas, and MX's fighting stance

    Last thread for now. So, how is it possible that Vanitas, Riku, and MX (including his young MX form) all have the same stance? It can easily be explained that Vanitas adapted his fighting stance from MX, but what about Riku? Keep in mind. Riku's fighting stance is NOT due to Xehanort. In KH1...
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    Will Braig and Xigbar both be in the Organization XIII?

    Just noticed this... In the KH 2.5 Secret Ending, we see Braig speaking with MX. It is Braig because he has the short hair, and clothes as he did in BBS. But in KH DDD we see Xigbar. He has the longer hair, and Organization XIII coat. Am I missing something? They both have to be in the...
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    Should Isa be killed, or saved?

    Braig was always such an evil bastard. He shouldn't be saved. He should be killed, and for good reason. Isa...but what about Isa? Lea and him were best friends. But I can't help but think he shouldn't be saved either. The bastard was just as bad as Braig, especially in KHII. A complete...
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    Has Master Xehanort ever gotten mad?

    In every game he has appeared in he's never been mad. This is the original MX btw. Ansem has gotten mad a few times, but I've never seen Xehanort himself lose it. I'm still waiting to see how that will work. Bastard
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    Apprentice Xehanort

    the scientist Xehanort is the most enigma character in the entire series. I think he's only been in 2 scenes in the entire series. Where is he exactly? This version of Xehanort. Not "Terranort" in BBS.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 was released 10 years ago...

    Absolutely unbelievable that KHIII is STILL not out! What a joke.
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    Do you think any good guy in KH3 will die?

    Terra? Ven? Sora? Kairi? Riku? Lea? Does Square Enix have the balls to kill off a good guy?
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    How old does Xehanort & Eraqus look in the trailer?

    YMX looked about 16-17 in KH DDD? But what about this game in the beginning? He looks more 13-14. Pretty deep voice for a 13-14 year old (then again when I was that age I had a deep voice, so...nvm) Or are the graphics fooling me big time, and he's meant to be the same age as he is in DDD?
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    I don't see MX as anyone else, but Nimoy :(

    I'm sorry, it just won't be the same when we hear MX' voice again (sighs) RIP Nimoy
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    Do you hope Terra will get a new voice actor?

    Please...PLEASE! PLEASE get Terra a new VA for KH3 The guy voicing Terra is awful. He sounds too bland for Terra, and he has no emotion whatsoever. Just check out Eraqus death scene. Terra was suppose to crying when Eraqus died. When Terra said "Master Eraqus" it was so laughable. It was bad...
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    Why didn't Master Xehanort ever wonder why Vanitas looked like Sora?

    MX did see Vanitas' face in the LoD in the beginning of BBS when Vanitas had his helmet off Then why didn't MX comment anything about Sora looking like Vanitas when he saw him? I'd figure he would write it down in the reports, but he never did...which is strange because I know if I'm raising a...
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    What if Sora isn't one of the GoL?

    Makes sense. MX and his darknesses clash with the 7 light guardians and they fuse to make the X Blade. Xehanort is.the most powerful and strongest heart thus he takes control of the new body facing Sora. Only fittiing Just an idea. I am just confused...I mean Ven and Vanitas HAD to fuse to form...
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    Im confused between XH posessing Riku and MX posessing Terra When XH posessed Riku the only change he went through was a double voice. 1) why didnt terra have tjat when he got posessed? He had a completely brand new voice. 2) when mx posessed terra he changed his hair, skin, and eyes. But when...
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    I will never understand Riku transforming into ASoD

    Why exactly did he stay in that form? As we see in kh358/2 days whenMickey meets riku hes in XH form, but then he puts on his blindfold and becomes Riku again I dont get it? If this is all it took to become Riku again why was he unable to change back through KH2? He only changed back to Riku...
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    Why does Mickey call Terra his friend?

    They never met in BBS. As a matter of fact Mickey has no idea how Terra even looks. Struck me as odd. Thoughts?