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  1. Lunarmaster54

    My Hero Academia

    So an anime for My Hero Academia has come out recently and it's looking very promising so far. Manga wise there's about 88 chapters out for people to read with more to come. If an rp centered around this were to appear would anyone be interested in joining it? Maybe collaborating to make one...
  2. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    AU. How about we try that again? Chapter One. Part One. Reality hit me like a bucket of ice water. I shot up, breathing in and out and looking around erratically, eyes trying to adjust from the shift. Last thing I remembered was the brightest of whites, now the only light was the moon...
  3. Lunarmaster54

    Lunar's Blazing Summer Challenges

    So here's the thread for my various Blazing Summer stories! First up: Kh3! The Calm Before the Storm As the last battle draws near, worry begins to eat away at Sora Destiny Islands Once we step through, there’s no going back. That’s what Riku once said right? That it came down to...
  4. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► Lunar's House of One-Shots and Shorts

    So, I recently wrote two short stories and I figured why not post them on here. While i'm at it, when I decide to write more shorts when i'm not working on main projects, I'll have this here thread to post them in. I hope they are enjoyable. So here we go: Lunchtime (Puella Magi Madoka...
  5. Lunarmaster54

    Level One Run Question

    So I wanted to do a level one run on 1.5 but I can't access my main menu to equip zero exp until i'm already at level two (it forces you to fight shadows and they level you up). Yet when I google it I don't see anyone mentioning this and people are saying they beat it at level one. I even see...
  6. Lunarmaster54

    Glimpses of Darkness *rp thread*

    ~Fear of the Beginning~ There was no denying that Destiny Islands was a relaxing world to live in. The soft sands, warm weather that was just perfect to bask in, it had this feeling of relaxation that seemed to hang in the air and make people easy going and laid back. Sora loved it. He...
  7. Lunarmaster54

    Glimpses of Darkness *A kingdom hearts roleplay*

    Kingdom Hearts: Glimpses of Darkness Ten years have passed by since Sora and company killed Xehanort. The worlds have fallen into a tentative sort of peace. Travel between the worlds has become common and keyblades have been popping up at a rather quick pace. But between keyblade masters Riku...
  8. Lunarmaster54

    Khinsider...in Space!

    Okay, so I had this rp idea that actually started off as a story idea but I decided not to because I was busy at the time and because I couldn’t decide where I wanted the plot to go. I decided to make it into an rp idea instead because I think it could be pretty cool and I haven’t seen anything...
  9. Lunarmaster54


    Okay, so this is the newest story that i've been working on and I figured I'd post it on here and hopefully get some feedback. It can also be found one wattpad.com. What are you supposed to do when the worst enemy you've ever faced is...yourself? Inevitable. Chapter One: Glimpse...
  10. Lunarmaster54

    A logical way to stop Org. 13's plans in Kh2

    So I was thinking about this in English class today The Organization was using Sora to create Kingdom Hearts with the sum of all the hearts that Sora released by destroying the Heartless with his Keyblade. Sora was briefly depressed because he didn't know what to do after this plan was told to...
  11. Lunarmaster54

    City Rumble *Challenge to Bonechill and LightandDark*

    Alright you two this is a free for all set in a abandoned, decaying city. Characterwise, keep your person at level four. I'll post my temp after one of you posts yours
  12. Lunarmaster54

    Secret Portal Question

    I know that you can refight the bosses after completing the game via secret portals but I was wondering if you could rematch any of the bosses from The World That Never Was? I can't find anything about it.
  13. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► Path to Greatness: The Story of Team Four

    By Lunarmaster54 and Abhorsen A Naruto Continuation fic Chapter One Thirty years ago the fourth great ninja war raged between the allied shinobi forces and an organization known as the Akatsuki. The group was defeated after a long, bloody struggle but not without many casualties. Despite...
  14. Lunarmaster54

    Digimon Tamers: Havoc

    Digimon Tamers: Havoc As Digimon Tamers came to a close the main protagonist, Takato, finds a small portal to the digital world in Gulimon's old hideout. The portal is too small to fit through, thus the digimon cannot come back, but it exists none the less. In another city, Hokkaido, there is...
  15. Lunarmaster54

    Ideas for a new Roleplay

    Myself and Abhorsen would like to create a new rp but we have a couple of ideas lined up in our heads. So, we decided to post them here to decide what would be most interesting to everyone. So here they are: By Abhorsen By Lunarmaster54 We have other ideas and would be willing to...
  16. Lunarmaster54

    English subtitles (spoilers)

    I'm not sure if this is already been seen/talked about in another thread but I found a kh3d cutscene (Sora meets Roxas) with English subtitles (the annotations) and I thought i'd post it here Kingdom Hearts 3D Sad Ending English subtitles Ending final scenes KH3D Dream Drop Distance - YouTube
  17. Lunarmaster54

    Soul Eater: Path To Dawn (Rp thread)

    ~One step ahead~ Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong. A monster stood crouched in front of a large cathedral, the sounds of bells ringing drowning out any noise in the area. The beast was grey, wolflike with long claws and black fur. Blood dripping from his teeth as he focused on a figure standing on...
  18. Lunarmaster54

    Soul Eater: Path to Dawn

    Soul Eater: Path to Dawn (A production brought to you by Lunarmaster54 and Abhorsen) Hello there! Welcome to The Death Weapon Meister Academy, the DWMA for short. This school stands as a defense against the forces of evil, forces that would drag the earth into the depths of madness...
  19. Lunarmaster54

    Realms (A production created by Abhorsen and Lunarmaster54)

    Realms By Abhorsen and Lunarmaster54 ~Creation~ There exists four planes of exitance in this universe. The realm of light, a utopia of prosperity with technology and sunshine. The realm of darkness, a jungle where only the strong survive and gain respect, power and profit. Then there is...
  20. Lunarmaster54

    A Challenge. To anyone.

    I'm bored and it has been a long time since i've been in a battle so i've decided to set up a battle and hope someone wants to fight me. I'd prefer one on one but if more than one person wants to join in that's fine by me. My temp: The rules are the normal battle rules and the challenger can...