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  1. Bufferino

    Thank you, to anyone who remembers me

    Reading BlackOsprey's thread (that was released months ago, but didn't see until now), I was encouraged to state my own piece. Not sure how active these forums are now, and the people I've talked to back then are people I don't talk to anymore now. Regardless, this forum and series in general...
  2. Bufferino

    KH Positivity

    It's been a while since I've posted in these forums and I think after the new trailer, we could use some positivity right now. So what are the things you actually really love about KH? Personally, I love the overall style of the franchise and how the characters contrast with the Disney and Final...
  3. Bufferino

    Anime/Manga ► Unpopular Anime Opinions!

    Inspired by the Unpopular Opinions thread in the Kingdom Hearts General section. So, got an unpopular opinion on any anime (or any cartoon)?
  4. Bufferino

    Do you feel iffy about liking some games?

    I know opinions are opinions, and you shouldn't feel bad for your own personal opinion, but the video game community is one of those groups where revealing your opinion can be grim idea. This happened to me with a particular person who disregarded my viewpoints, but eventually apologized later...
  5. Bufferino

    The Best/Worst Game You've Ever Played

    What is the best and worst game you had ever experienced? My favorite would be Final Fantasy X. Everything about this game shines from bottom to top. The story can be hard to follow, but ends up eventually magical and emotional. The characters are great, with their own unique personalities and...
  6. Bufferino

    Liking rap and hip-hop

    Noticed music genres such as rap and hip-hop get widespread flak. I can understand why many hate the raunchy tone of said genres, but I think too many people ignore the good songs coming out of it. I cannot force somebody to like and enjoy it, but people should take a deeper meaning into it...
  7. Bufferino

    KHiRecast: Daredevil

    Matt Murdock - Chuman "a violently nice guy, scary face and complete disdain for assholes, but tries not to jump to conclusions" Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - Launchpad "secretly in control of everything" Karen Page - Taochan "takes no shit from anybody, is tougher than she looks, most likely shot...
  8. Bufferino

    I made something!

    Soooo these images are pretty simple to make, but it took me a while to make them! The last one is blurry, however, it was the first one I made during a YT tutorial.
  9. Bufferino

    Marvel v DC

    The title says it all.
  10. Bufferino

    TV ► Voltron: Legendary Defender - S8 December 14th

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this (if there is, you can close it) but I just really got into this show despite never caring for the original show. And with season 2 coming out on Janurary, extra hype.
  11. Bufferino

    KHiRecast Highschool Musical

    Troy - Grizzly "main leader, good hair" Bufferino - Gabriella "thinks something is stupid but does it anyway" Chad - Chuman "upbeat, likes to be random" Taylor - Pandymint "has an attitude" Ryan - AuroraX "gifted and talented, but also takes no shiz from Sharpay" Sharpay - Divine_Past...
  12. Bufferino

    The sexiest KH character ever

    PICK SOMEONE YOU THINK IS THE SEXIEST KH CHARACTER EVER. btw judging by the forums, i'm assuming its riku. i know i missed some characters but curse the limit man.
  13. Bufferino

    Help/Support ► Constant burping

    Okay, so about months ago, I started burping constantly, it wasn't extreme, but it was annoying. I kept burping when I wake up, before I eat, when I eat, and after I eat. Even when I don't eat or don't drink anything, my burping gets worse and worse. I don't drink much soda anymore, but my...
  14. Bufferino

    Cake Flavor KHIRecast

    Chuman-Yellow cake Bufferino-chocolate cake Pandymint-fruit cake Divine Past-prune cake AuroraX-sugar cake BlackOsprey-bacon cake catcake-cat cake I need to edit this if I forgot someone because I'm honestly running ideas out of flavors
  15. Bufferino

    The gayest KH character ever

    Who is the most gay character in the KH series? Sora x Riku is proudly allowed ;)
  16. Bufferino

    What we REALLY wanna see in HD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    sora's booty just look at that gorgeous behind
  17. Bufferino

    Help/Support ► Am I way too nice?

    I have a strong habit of giving people a second chance, and I may give them respect and trust even though I probably don't get it in return. I'm afraid of stepping up for myself at certain people because I may be too random or make a very flawed argument. I feel like I'm not direct or...
  18. Bufferino

    Film ► What's Your Top 3 Disney Sequels

    Disney sequels have a reputation for sucking, but Disney were able to pull some of them off! My list: 1. Simba's Pride This movie is very underrated. It has a decent plot and character development. I might even say it's better than the first, but I'll avoid getting hate lol. 2. A Twist in...
  19. Bufferino

    Popular Opinions!

    Just like Unpopular Opinions, what's your opinion on KH that mostly everyone else agrees with? I'm sorry if there is a thread for this. The Unpopular Opinions thread had a lot of posts, so I was worried there was an existing thread for this.
  20. Bufferino

    The Things You Love And Hate About KH1?

    I took some inspiration from the The Things You Love And Hate About CoM thread, so check that out first! What did you love/hate about the original Kingdom Hearts? Love: -Story -Characters -Great gameplay. It's a little clunky, but I love it. -Disney -Many things to explore Hate: -Many of...