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  1. Dreaded_Desire62

    Randall, Waternoose and Roz In KH3

    I haven't seen Randall Boggs, Monsters Inc CEO, Henry J. Waternoose and Randall's henchman, Fungus in the latest trailer. I do hope they make an appearance in the E3 trailer since they are really important to the movie. It would likely not make any sense to have the world without them. The...
  2. Dreaded_Desire62

    In Progress

    So, I am wondering if I should upgrade my art supplies. I feel like I am not improving that much. I am also pretty lost on how to improve my work. Anyways, here's my current drawings:
  3. Dreaded_Desire62

    Father's Day

    So, I've been thinking about sending my father a Father's Day card for Father's Day. It's too late for that! If I send it today, it won't get there today. He lives across the country and the mail doesn't get delivered until Monday. I did send him a text. What's the point? We aren't very...
  4. Dreaded_Desire62

    Film ► Forgotten Disney

    I've been thinking about some old Disney videos that Disney could invest in. To name a few are: Bambi, Robin Hood, Old Yeller, and some others that BlackCriticGuy mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Scbtv-nU0Y I also think that they could bring back some old series, but that's a story...
  5. Dreaded_Desire62

    Film ► Revisiting Old Disney Halloween Videos

    So, with Halloween rolling around and The Tower of Terror going away for a new ride in Disney World. Why not we revisit some old Disney Halloween nostalgia? Do you guys remember that movie from the 1990s starring Kirstin Dunst? What do you think of it? Do you guys remember any old Disney...
  6. Dreaded_Desire62

    Be Careful

    I am pretty much trying my best to stay away from buying a PS3 from online, because I am scared that I might be scammed. I am probably best buying from a store, even though it's more pricier, but at least I can return it, right? This isn't just about online shopping vs shopping at a store, but...
  7. Dreaded_Desire62

    Weird Experiences

    So, I am starting this to discuss some weird experiences that you and I have had. Does anyone have any stories? I have a few. One includes when I was like nine or ten. I used to remember this teenage boy that was the son of one of the staff at the daycare that I went to. I remember the kids...
  8. Dreaded_Desire62

    Fanfiction ► A Master's Reprieve

    "Do you really think you cared about them, Aqua?" the woman in the large, golden rimmed mirror questioned the blue haired Keyblade wielder. "I-I tried...who are you?" Aqua said preparing her stance with her late master's keyblade. The woman chuckled, "Isn't it obvious?" The women then stepped...
  9. Dreaded_Desire62

    Let's Draw

    It's been some time since I've updated my drawings. I've been messing around with shading and lighting. The other two are WIPs
  10. Dreaded_Desire62

    TV ► Worst Cartoon Parents

    Cartoon Watchers's video on bad parents: Guess, who won number one: Anyways, I've decided to dedicate this thread to worst cartoon parents. For my pick, I've chosen Mr. and Mrs. Turner, because... 1): They continually neglect their son. 2): They leave him with someone that constantly...
  11. Dreaded_Desire62

    Junk Food For Pets

    So, in relation to the topic of junk food, I wanted to mention some donuts that a donut shop has, but it's for dogs. It probably wouldn't fit in with the topic of junk food alone since animals are also part of it. So, I am just wanting to start a discussion about what junk food or brands that...
  12. Dreaded_Desire62

    TV ► Bad and Good Holiday Films/Specials

    So, I just got to thinking after seeing the Nostalgia Critic's review of Christmas with the Kranks. Anyways, what are the worst and best holiday specials in theaters or on television that you have seen?
  13. Dreaded_Desire62

    Plans For Halloween

    I have some plans for Halloween. I am probably going to dress up like a kimono girl and probably dress my cat up like an Espeon (I don't know where I am going to find an Espeon cat costume, to be honest, lol)! I am also going to get Ruined by Paula Morris and probably also another book by her...
  14. Dreaded_Desire62

    Help/Support ► Trying To Figure Out Something

    I am not sure if this is in the right section, but I am trying to figure out how I can possibly play PS games on my Phillips Magnavox TS2744 C106. I have a PS3 that is in the shop along with my 3DS XL, but they're another story. The cables that I am hoping to use to connect with the...
  15. Dreaded_Desire62

    Inside Out (Joy's response to Sadness)

    You think crying will do any good? You think being disgusted will help? You think being mad will help? You think being scared will help? You think being happy will help? Grow up, life is not that simple. Curling up into your corner won't ever help! You're just being lazy. Bring sad never...
  16. Dreaded_Desire62

    How To Put A Harness On A Cat

    Yeah, you heard the title right. I am going to be taking my cat, Mheetu to the vet on August 19th for his rabies vaccination. The problem is that I don't know how to put the harness on him. He used to have a cat carrier and I still have his cat bed, which seems to be falling apart. So, I am...
  17. Dreaded_Desire62

    Anime/Manga ► Jigoku Shoujo

    Imagine if there was a site that you could access that could send somebody that really hurt you in the past to the Netherworld? Of course, there's a cost, your soul. Anyways, I have been watching 'Jigoku Shoujo' recently, it's been pretty much 'What am I watching?!" The episode that I just...
  18. Dreaded_Desire62

    Help/Support ► I don't understand

    So, I sent in a payment to Amazon and I have emailed the seller five times about my desk. It says the delivery is still pending, but when I go to my Green Dot (the method that I used to pay for the desk) with, the money hasn't returned back to my account. It says I have negative balance, yet...
  19. Dreaded_Desire62

    I Guess I Am Not Going Swimming This Summer

    https://www.yahoo.com/health/crypto-parasite-outbreaks-increasing-in-pools-122503016972.html So, a parasite might be living in your pool or spa. You might actually get diarrhea from it. Oh joy! Another reason for me to avoid pools and spas.
  20. Dreaded_Desire62

    Yay, My First GIF

    This is my cat, Mheetu going wild.