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  1. SquarePhoenix

    Is it important?

    The background music for that recent trailer, did anyone notice how both Roxas and Sora's themes were in that song? Does it mean anything?
  2. SquarePhoenix

    Paopu Fruit

    If this has already been mentioned please don't complain, threaten or flame me, okay? Because of what Aqua said in the recent TGS trailer, it's confirmed that the myth of the Paopu fruit isn't restricted to only consuming the fruit with someone you care about, though I'm guessing some would've...
  3. SquarePhoenix

    BBS TGS music

    This is for anyone interested in learning how to play that song from the recent TGS trailer. Sorry that I didn't learn the whole song and if I get any notes wrong, it's just how I play it.I'll use * to represent the ebony coloured keys and - to hold the key.E, C*, G*, F*-, F*, B, C*, G*, F*, D*...
  4. SquarePhoenix

    Quotes involving Riku

    I'm new here so I don't know if this is the right place to put this or if this was already mentioned. Has anyone thought about the lines: "You know, Riku has changed." ~Kairi "And so this boy sought out to escape from his prison." ~Ansem the Seeker of Darkness Or how Riku questions why he's on...