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  1. Dark Wing

    best way to utilize APP?

    I have a single Attack Prize Plus skill medal that I would like to use but I'm afraid of wasting it on a bad medal. what properties should a medal have to get the most out of this skill?
  2. Dark Wing

    The World that Never Was glitch

    found an interesting glitch in TWTNW with Riku. just off of the large room after the entrance to the world, there's a hallway with a pipe you can slide along and then a green light that super jump's you up to a blue portal in the floor that connects back to the top of the large room. I randomly...
  3. Dark Wing

    Exp Walker fixed?

    did they fix the game in 2.5 so you can't abuse exp walker? I tied down my analog sticks and after a while terra stops running but the camera still spins.
  4. Dark Wing

    collector's trophy glitch?

    the collector's trophy requires you find all the stickers in BBS. I've done that but it's not triggering. has anyone else encountered this? or am I just missing something? I have every sticker with each character, all 140 points in my sticker book, I tried checking the report with each character...
  5. Dark Wing

    Question about obtaining the secret episodes

    I can't remember if this was the case in the original game or not. can you unlock the secret episodes (refers to both of them. I can't remember the proper name for each) by playing all 3 characters simultaneously? or is it one of those things where you gotta finish each character's story from...
  6. Dark Wing

    Seven Wonders of Twilight Town

    So just curious, how many of you actually counted the steps in front of the station? I'll admit, the first time I played I probably went up and down those steps 5 or 6 times to see if they counted different haha
  7. Dark Wing

    A little confusion about the KH 1.5 Prima player's guide

    so, i was contemplating selling this and i wasn't sure the value so i was looking around on ebay and amazon and i'm seeing ridiculous prices ranging from $167 to $599! now i understand having an unopened product can increase it's value a bit but that just seems insane to me. are these guys just...
  8. Dark Wing

    Raid mode is unbalanced

    the way the system just randomly pairs you up with any other group is really starting to tick me off. it doesnt help that only 16 people in my group have played at all this week, but my real gripe is with the levels of each member. in my group only 3 of us are above level 30, but the group next...
  9. Dark Wing

    Emblem Heartless in X[chi]

    unless im mistaken, emblem heartless came into existence through apprentice Xehanort's experiments with darkness, yes? so then why do they appear in X[chi], which i believe takes place MANY many years before that? just something i was think about while playing the game.
  10. Dark Wing

    portals - did my game glitch?

    so, here's whats up, i beat the game a second time cause i missed unlocking the secret ending. after doing this however it seems all my portals have gone screwy... there are far less portals in all the worlds, some area's won't even have one. and searching for a few of the special portals, i...
  11. Dark Wing

    kingdom hearts final mix - grinding spots?

    where are a couple good grinding spots post hollow bastion?
  12. Dark Wing

    reason behind the hype for KH3

    So correct me if I'm wrong (i am going back a few years here so my memory's a lil fuzzy) but as far as i can remember the whole hype behind KH3 started with the BBS teaser at the end of KHIIFM+ I'm pretty sure at the time everyone thought they were seeing a preview of a possible KH3, alas what...
  13. Dark Wing

    modchip or swap magic?

    i recently picked myself up a copy of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ but my modded PS2 (slim) stopped reading my backup/imports. i took it in to get fixed but now its scratching my discs D: they don't seem to know whats causing it so if they cant fix it i'm gonna end...
  14. Dark Wing

    Olympus Coliseum 0% HP

    is beating OC at 0% HP even possible since it doesn't effect bosses and you can't exactly dodge in OC battles?
  15. Dark Wing

    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    There's been lots of talk lately about whether or not Birth by sleep vol.2 (assuming they are making one, which at the moment seems very plausible) will be released on PSP or sony's new upcoming hand held codenamed NGP. I'm curious as to the actual number of people that would like it to be...
  16. Dark Wing

    bbs ad-hoc without ps3

    ok i read somewhere about a program that'll let you play ad-hoc only psp games online without needing to use ad-hoc party on a ps3, i was even on the site at one point, BUT NOW (wouldnt ya know it) I'VE COMPLETELY FORGOT WHAT IT WAS CALLED, and now i cant find it T^T can anybody remind me where...
  17. Dark Wing

    for anyone that missed the live stream - the secret episode

    YouTube - Secret Episode gameplay.wmv *edit* I just realized that not the whole video. he did actually beat the boss the 2nd time. This is the WHOLE playthru of secret episode. starts at 0:11:11 -> http://www.justin.tv/cyberman6/b/277932503
  18. Dark Wing

    Final Mix - NO HEART boss battle video

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix - Extra Boss: No Heart
  19. Dark Wing

    avatar sector tip for ppl with no tag buddies :D

    first, you don't need to tag another ds to get avatar sectors. the game will randomly generate them over time in tag mode even when theres no one else around, just in case you weren't aware, but that can be time consuming... -_- A faster way to get balloons to pop up in tag mode if you have a...
  20. Dark Wing

    Faith or Salvation?

    which of ven's moves are better? Faith or salvation? they both basically do the same thing right? but i can never decide which one to put in my command deck