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    Mysterious Figure Info/Theory

    UPDATED So, I haven't read a lot of the theories on who he is. One I did read is that he is a character from the future. At the time, I fond that theory laughable. Now I agree with it. I recently watched a video of how the Mysterious Figure appears and disappears He seems to be fading in and...
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    Snow in Rome

    Hey everyone. I'm currently in Rome for the second semester of the school year. For the first time in about 25 years, its snowing hard in Rome. Try to imagine a white Colosseum. I'll see if I can get some pictures and post them.
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    Xehanort and X

    Master Xehanort sought the X-blade if I've been reading the right info. So that's some all powerful Keyblade. When Xehanort becomes a Nobody, Xemnas, he makes an anagram of Ansem with an X. All the members of Organization XIII have X's in their names. Could this possibly have any significance...
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    Xemnas's Intentions (Secret Ending Spoilers Included)

    People have been saying that "Terranort" had his memories from Terra restored when he became Xemnas. He may be evil at that point but I think he still longs for his friends. Aqua's armor is left behind in the Radiant Garden when he is transported there. He keeps it in the Room of Sleep where...
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    Yen Sid in the third throne?

    If someone else thought of this I wouldn't be surprised. If so, I'm sorry for repeating it. Does anything think that the third throne in the Land of Departure could belong to Yen Sid? He seems to be close to the age of Eraqus and Xehanort and is the one who trains Mickey.
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    Riku's Straps - TAV

    I doubt it has any significance but I noticed that Riku's outfit in KH1 had those straps on it. Terra, Aqua, and Ven all have straps like Riku's.
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    Mac Tablet

    I heard on the radio earlier today something about a Mac Tablet laptop. I currently have a Toshiba Tablet and am looking to get a Mac but if there's going to be a Mac Tablet coming out then I might wait. Does anyone have an info on them?
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    Certain Inactive Account Names

    I've noticed that certain rare account names have been inactive for awhile. My name, Xehanort, is a central character to the series and I do my best to keep my account active. I thought about other members with unique names such as this. Several of these are inactive and have been for months to...
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    Apprentice Vanitas

    I've seen several threads and posts about Xehanort's Apprentice's name. Vanitas is latin for EMPTINESS or UNTRUTHFULNESS. Can also mean FOOLISHNESS which may be reference to him giving into darkness? From what we know, this fits the character very well. For those of you who might be against...
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    Mystery of the Keychains

    You will note in the most recent Birth By Sleep scan, Master Erauqs's keyblade has a keychain. People have been speculating for a few years now on the significance of keyblades with or without keychains. It seems that only true Keyblade Masters have Keyblades with keychains. Aqua, Terra, and...
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    Jon Lajoie

    This artist is famous for his songs on youtube: Show Me Your Genitals, E=MC Vagina, and Everyday Normal Guy. What do you guys think of his music? I recently got his album and I actually think his songs are really good and really funny.
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    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

    My friend showed me these comics. They're actually pretty interesting. If you think about the things that are said in them, you really question society. It's about Johnny C. (nickname: Nny) Nny have an unusual wall in his house. It seems like there is something trying to come through the wall...
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    Ragnarok Battle Offline

    I'm assuming a lot fo you have heard of Ragnarok Online. Well I guess there's been an offline version out for a while except it hasn't been released here. I recently started playing it. Anyone else?
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    Enigmatic Soldier's Name

    I think I may have seen this elsewhere but I decided to post it. If Aqua is water or the sea, Ven is sky (ventus is wind) then I'm assuming the last soldier is called Terra or a name similar to it. Terra means earth, ground, land, country, soil (Latic word list
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    Judaism - Your Thoughts

    I was wondering what people thought about Jews and the whole religion of Judaism. This isn't to get people to be all Jew lovers or anything. I know most people aren't Jewish. I'm not asking if you are or aren't, I'm asking what your thoughts are towards the religion and its followers. In my...
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    Anyone here know about Atreyu. They're my favorite band and are becoming more well known. Their single last year, Ex's and Oh's, was very popular. They also made a video for Her Portrait in Black which is on the Underworld Evolution Soundtrack. Their latest single is Shameful and I hope they...
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    Guide to the Cheat Weapons of Kingdom Hearts II

    Here's a guide for you guys on all the bonus Keyblades you can get with cheat codes. I use a Codebreaker and I got these: Sora Edge of Ultima My Description: It has the shape of Ultima Weapon from Kingdom Hearts 1 but has a screwed up organge, green, and yellow color scheme. It's weak. Game...
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    Rate the Member Name Above You!

    Basically you just look at the member's name above you and rate it between 0 and 10. Don't insult people above you though, it's just a member name.
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    Third Enemy: Another

    I just thought of what the new enemy or type of being could be. Xemnas types in Another into the computer for a password. Another is also an anagram of Xehanort just without the X. So far our enemies have been: Heartless- those without hearts Nobodies- the shell that is left behind when one...
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    Passwords to Org.'s Computer - Names

    Ok, watch the new video: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - New Scene - HB / TWTNW scenes When the Org. Member logs in to the computer, the first password he types in is Another which is an anagram of Xehanort's name without the X. Next he must type in 6 passwords. Top Left: Xehanort...