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  1. Blizzara

    Aqua's Dream

    In Castle of Dreams, Terra and Aqua run into each other and after discussing a few things, Terra asks Aqua if she "still has the same dream", or something like that. And she says "well, yeah". What are they referring to? I thought it might just be the flashback to the last night they spent all...
  2. Blizzara

    Door to Darkness

    KH1 spoilers... Like anyone cares about those. XP There's something I never really understood about KH1. When Xehanort's heartless has been defeated he reaches out for the Door to Darkness, asking for the true darkness of Kingdom Hearts, and it kinda starts seeping out. Then Sora says Kingdom...
  3. Blizzara

    New Message from the Kingdom?

    Take a look at this. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been brought up before. It mostly looks like a bunch of KH Mobile stuff and some ... mobile phone skins or something? I don't know.
  4. Blizzara

    New Shonen Jump Scan

    Just came across this scan from the next Shonen Jump while looking for info about Jump Festa. I'm pretty sure there's some new images in here. http://www.ffring.com/images/news/19-12-2009/bbs.jpg Notice Mickey and Ven chatting in the Gathering Place, MX holding Ven by the head (like in the...
  5. Blizzara


    This is a really crazy theory, but I just had a sudden inspiration. Not much thought has been put into this obviously, it's just a weird idea. Take a look: Aaaand now this: Is it just me, or does the Land of Departure look an awful lot like Castle Oblivion? Look how the LoD castle seems to...
  6. Blizzara

    Keyblade's voice

    I know what you're thinking. And no, I'm not doing drugs =P When Sora is in the Awakening at the start of KH1, someone or something talks to him. "Keyblade". "Don't be afraid." "You are the one who will open the door." etc. This voice also came up after the Awakening - on Destiny Islands right...
  7. Blizzara

    Jack and the bean...er ... organization coat

    I know, lame joke =P Sue me. Question. In one of the trailers for Days, at some point we got to see Roxas talking to Jack Skellington, who was wearing an organization coat. Thing is, I never actually saw that in the game. Did I miss something, or did they cut that part out? Thanks. ^^
  8. Blizzara

    Zexion, Riku and Roxas

    More theory time! Although this one is actually unrelated to Unbirths and hearts. Yay. In the new trailer, around 3:00, Zexion is seen talking with Roxas on Destiny Islands before young Riku shows up and interrupts them. Roxas looks shocked, almost horrified. Also, Riku doesn't even seem to...
  9. Blizzara

    Xion - Unbirth

    My turn to jump on the theory bandwagon and get pwned for it. This is probably either stupid or something that's already been discussed, but what the heck. According to the info thread about BBS and Unbirths, Nomura said Unbirths are... a "starting point" of sorts. I don't think we know yet how...
  10. Blizzara

    KH Hurt 'n' Heal

    Hey, I felt like trying this here as my first productive action on these forums. Woo! Here's hoping it hasn't already been done, although I haven't found it around here. The point of the game: each character here starts with 10 'HP'. With each post you make, you get to hurt one character...
  11. Blizzara


    Hello everyone! I joined three years ago and stayed for like 5 minutes. Hopefully my stay this time will be a bit longer. ^^ Oh, and I'm French. Innit cool?
  12. Blizzara


    Hey! So I'm a new member... I've been more and more addicted to KH these days, so I felt like joining a good forum. It does look fun. I hope I'll have lotsa fun here! ^^ -Blizzara PS: Oh, and I'm a guy, FYI.