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  1. Trimms

    88 mph speed limit

    "Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?" "The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"
  2. Trimms

    The Destati Voice

    For so long it was generally agreed that the voice in the Destati was King Mickey. "Remember, you are the one who will open the door." That one. However, the voice appears in BbS. And I guess I could be wrong but something tells me Mickey didn't have the knowledge, power, or knowing to speak to...
  3. Trimms

    You are the one...

    ...who will open the door. They said this so many times in KH. Has this door been opened? Was it the door to Kingdom Hearts at the end of the game after they defeat Xehanort's Heartless? Even though in the epilogue with Pluto it still says "Remember, you are the one who will open the door." Was...
  4. Trimms

    alex trimmer - The Last Thing I Do

    The Last Thing I Do 1. Requiem 2. Footprints In The Snow 3. City Skyline 4. Vanity 5. The World Ends With You 6. 7 7. Burn The Script, This Story Never Ends 8. Sundown 9. Streetlights 10. Raping My Mind 11. Good Friends 12. Decay 13. Mindfuck 14. The Last Thing I Do Download: RapidShare...
  5. Trimms

    Guys, he's real... JESUS IS REAL!

    So I had an interesting conversation with a girl today. She told me that Jesus spoke to her. He whispered in her heart. It was a soft soothing voice, which she described to be like a meeker version of my flamboyantly gay band teacher's voice. Right. So I ask her what Jesus told her, and she...
  6. Trimms

    The Dopest Rap from the D?

    I have a rap group that makes fucking awful music. Actually it's the best rap by 3 white boyz straight out of Detroit that you will ever hear. Serious? No. Seriously awful? Mmmmhmmm!! Download our album. MySpace.com - B.A.D. - FARMINGTON, Michigan - Crunk / Chinese pop / Melodramatic Popular...
  7. Trimms

    !?!?#@4n 3@$tHYPE FANCLUB 38ersda!!!!!

    Just a Fan Club for the newest member East Hype to make him feel supadupa welcome. i luv u easthype!!
  8. Trimms

    Possibly an amazing situation.

    Hypothetically... What do you do when you got caught making love with your underage girlfriend by her 22 year old sister and she threatens to tell the police unless you have sex with her too? No three-ways allowed D': (I've wanted to use that smiley.) She isn't that hot, nor do you care for...
  9. Trimms

    OMG Quick Free Dr. Pepper!!!!!

    Since Chinese Democracy was released in 2008, Dr. Pepper is giving everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper. But you have to claim it, so gogogo! Dr Pepper On Call
  10. Trimms

    Coldplay will split up in 2009.

    Chris Martin told the Daily Press that What a disappointment, and what a terrible reason to end. Coldplay's one of my favorite bands, and I know they have a lot of haters but they're so unique and Chris Martin has an incredibly awesome voice. :[ [/FONT][/COLOR]
  11. Trimms

    Mark, Tom and Travis talked.

    From Mark Hoppus's blog: OMFG BLINK-182 REUNION MAYBE YES MAYBE?!?!! If so, my life would be whole again.
  12. Trimms

    I'm naked right now.

    Yes, I am completely naked and don't know what to do with myself. I'm thinking of eating a delicious pineapple or maybe starting some drama via Facebook status updates. Of course, these are things I could do with clothes on or without, and I'm looking for something that can only be done whilst...
  13. Trimms


    I've been working on my Spirit Bomb, Gatling Gun, and Kamehameha techniques lately and I've been getting great results, especially with my Kamehameha. Unfortunately I no longer have a closet and/or any clothes, but it was worth it!
  14. Trimms

    Yes, We Can!

    I've dedicated a good amount of time today to a new song, Yes, We Can! Check it out at MySpace.com - Trimms - Farmington Hills, Michigan - Hardcore / Happy Hardcre - www.myspace.com/djtrimms and let me know what you think. (Why does the link become huge?)
  15. Trimms


    ...is I. MySpace.com - Trimms - Farmington Hills, Michigan - Hardcore / Happy Hardcre - www.myspace.com/djtrimms I make happy hardcore, and hardcore, and I'm working on a concept album as my debut album at the moment, which has never before been done in electronic dance music. Anyway, this...
  16. Trimms

    I'm Nervous

    Hi guys, I'm Trimms, I make music and stuff and I'm really nervous, I'm a total n00b and you guys could totally take advantage of me and pedal me as you please, but I hope you won't use me for nudes and on-line relationships and things like that as I'm really easily tricked. Like once on the...