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  1. Byronic Hero

    Return of a Hero

    Remember me? Doubt it, I haven't been here in about two years cause I..... There isn't an actual reason but I'm back. I used to be Byronic Hero/Keyblade_Masta before my hiatus, I was quite a "Theory-breaker" back then. Remember the days of the Rep system? Riku-Keyblade, Suffering Angel...
  2. Byronic Hero

    EUREKA! Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced!!

    Eureka! Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced // Siliconera God YES. MORE EDGEWORTH! It will be playable at next week's TGS. Cant wait.
  3. Byronic Hero

    Possible Release Date (JP)

    According to the 3rd Birthday Twitter page:Twitter / The 3rd Birthday: ?????????????????????????? ... It looks, keyword Looks like it is saying the Recoded will come first on Oct 7. then 3rd Birthday sometime after that, then an unannounced title (Maybe 3D?) I only used google translate, so i...
  4. Byronic Hero

    Masta'z Rapz & Epic Rhymz, yo

    Sup KHI, I thought I'd give yall a little bit of the next best hip hop artist. Yeah, that's right, me. You all will be some of the first to hear some of this music and will be able to say that you heard of me back before I was famous, which I will soon be lol SO without further ado, here are...
  5. Byronic Hero


    I'm gonna be on one for a while. May come back, may not. Later. .
  6. Byronic Hero

    The "Stupid Fanclub" Hate-Club

    I'm pretty sure that most of you have noticed the plethora of stupid, idiodic fancluve that have surfaced recently. You know the ones I'm talking about, te ones that are clearly made just so the OP of it can get some "experience" Examples include: The Aqua/Xehanort Fanclub, Sora/Riku...
  7. Byronic Hero

    Capcom Announcing Another Sequel at E3

    Capcom dropping huge sequel bomb at E3 - Destructoid I say it's DMC5, wasn't there supposed to be a trailer for it a couple years ago, didn't they have the legnth of it and everything? Plus, it'd be great publicity for Dante's MvC outing that he's taking. Ehhh anyway, DMC5 ftw
  8. Byronic Hero

    ►♦⊰The Official Name Change Fanclub⊱♦◄

    Welcome To The Name-Change Fanclub Had a name change? Had more than one? Then this is the fanclub for you. If you wanna join, just post all the names that you were previously known by as well as your current name. I'll be the first. Member List KeyBlade_Masta --> Byronic Hero --> Enigmatic...
  9. Byronic Hero

    Bunch More English Screens

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Now With More Leonard Nimoy Gallery |Siliconera Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Now With More Leonard Nimoy Gallery |Siliconera Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Now With More Leonard Nimoy Gallery |Siliconera Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Now With More Leonard Nimoy...
  10. Byronic Hero

    Ape Escape for Playstation Move

    Ape Escape Swinging To The PS3 For More Monkey Pants Nabbing? - Playstation 3 - Kotaku I have loved the AE series since it's PSone days, I'm glad to see that they have not forgotten about the rambunctious little rascals.
  11. Byronic Hero

    More KH Shirts (Heartless, Nobody & Unversed Symbols)

    Heartless Shirt Nobody Shirt Unversed Shirt Kinda Pricey for regular T-shirts
  12. Byronic Hero

    Infamous 2 - Domain name Registered by Sony

    Sony Registers 'Infamous2TheGame.com' Whatever Could That Mean? - Infamous - Kotaku Infamous 2, gonna be at E3 I assume. Good, the original was one of my favroite games of last year. Wonder if Cole's voice will be much different since the original guy was supposed to be replaced. Discuss.
  13. Byronic Hero

    The Smurfs

    Hmmm. Didn't Avatar already do this? (kidding) This.......I don't know what to say about this. It might be....... hell I don't even have a clue. The Smurfs is set to open August 3, 2011.
  14. Byronic Hero

    2010's HotH Announcement!!!

    If you signed up in the last thread this notice is to let you know that: Pictures Are Due By Friday April 23rd Due by 11:59 pm Central Time Good luck to all the entrants.
  15. Byronic Hero

    LittleBigPlanet 2 Unoffically Announced

    LittleBigPlanet 2 Unofficially Revealed - PlayStation 3 News at IGN Discuss
  16. Byronic Hero

    Worth Upgrading?

    I have been an avid PC user for the greater part of my life, and they have been nothing but trouble, continuously crashing, freezing, and just flat out dying as long as I have worked with them. I was wondering if anyone thinks I should upgrade to a Mac, if so which kind (and I'm kinda lacking...
  17. Byronic Hero

    Do I Need More RAM?

    My computer's not necessarily slow, but when I try to watch higher quality videos IE Hulu, 720p Youtube, ect. and it'll give me the frame-by-frame effect. I've read that RAM installation is pretty easy for a laptop. I have an HP Pavilion dv8301nr AMD Turion 60 Mobile Processor ML-34 (1.8GHz...
  18. Byronic Hero

    no more blitzballs. its lame now.

    s1blitzball8s1blitzball8s1blitzball8s1blitzball8s1blitzball8s1blitzball8s1blitzball8s1blitzball8 NEW BLITZBALLZ IN STOCK:
  19. Byronic Hero

    If You Could CreateThe Perfect Video Game...

    If you could create your perfect video game, what elements would it have? Explain what kind of playing system, characters, Title, story, graphics. Use other video games as examples, like this: Graphics: Final Fantasy 13 Theme: over the top flair similar to Resonance of Fate Characters: 2...
  20. Byronic Hero

    Top Worst Games You've Ever Played

    What are your top 5 worst games that you have ever played? My list makes up of: Dead Rising Kameo: Elements of Power Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days SBK: Snowboard Kids DS Death Jr Let's try and keep the list consisting of games after the 90's, when gaming got so much better. (So no games like E.T.)