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  1. Ryu

    David Guetta

    one love is delicious
  2. Ryu


    don't think KHI is the place I should look for a large Jamiroquai fanbase but nevertheless let me get some Jay Kay up in this bitch MYYjBDnT_s4 KBwa0Eg4tRQ Dt3I2xz66PA KW7XMWLnizw
  3. Ryu

    Eurovision '09

    oh my god don't tell me none of you preppy homo's be representin for this year's eurovision. The finale was this weekend so we already know the winner, but you can still discuss the odd flukes that turned out to actually be good songs/performances in an event that's actually only good for a...
  4. Ryu

    You know what KHI, let's interview each other [03/09/09 - Ken]

    After quite the enlightening MSN conversation with one of KHI's most notorious members, I managed to decipher the whole and with it, construct a compact interview. Can't say we can start this off without a proper introduction. So; who is Ken? Who is Ken? I am ken. Ken is ryu's rival and...
  5. Ryu

    The Prodigy / IMD

    Your thoughts. Wait, you haven't heard it yet? Oh that's right, europe gets something first for a change. fyea
  6. Ryu

    tom cruise is a hero

    not having seen the entire movie I can't honestly say how much it sucked, but from what I did see, this got the most laughs out of me
  7. Ryu

    Exclusion and acceptance.

    So this weekend I was debating with this bitch irl, and - like many other wussy Christians - she brought up the fact that she hated how some religions (one in particular caught her eye, but I'll generalize for now) exclude former members or don't 'accept someone for who they are'. Whether it's...
  8. Ryu


    NO HOMOS OR BIS OR QUEERS OR FAGS this is the perfect thread for coming out. society today requires us to be homo or bi BUT GUESS WHAT i bet if there is a god then he loves everyone even if they're straight so f*k off all haters. i mean like there are even straights in nature like phioenix and...
  9. Ryu

    Paris for president.

    YouTube - Paris Hilton For President? totally hot discuss
  10. Ryu

    So this AFRICAN AMERICAN walks into a movie theatre.

    So I went to see a movie tonight (Iron Man for the 2nd time, don't hate). About 25 minutes in, a guy walks in with what I suspect was either his kid or his younger brother and sits down in the row in front of me. For literally, the entire duration of the movie, he's squirming around back and...
  11. Ryu

    The Twang

    So, anyone heard of this band? I read about it a while ago in a random magazine I bought which said their new (and only) album had decent reviews, so I decided to download it and see if it was any good. I can't say it's suddenly the best thing I've ever heard, but it's pretty good in my opinion...
  12. Ryu

    FOX11: Anonymous hacks with EPIC LULZ.

    YouTube - Anonymous on FOX11 I recommend you all watch the entire vid, and after you're done pissing yourself laughing, buy a dog. That will show those Anonymous terrorists and their lulz. anonymous gets BIG LULZ. not to mention TRULY EPIC LULZ
  13. Ryu

    Ewww gross.

    Click. I cowered in fear. I swear. ;-; And not because of the music.
  14. Ryu

    Consistent lag in UT99

    I downloaded and installed UnrealTournament99 a few days ago on my brand new computer. It used to run fine on my old computer, but now when I booted it up and started playing, my character's movement, firing rate etc, was way too fast, and every few seconds I got stuck with a shaky screen for a...
  15. Ryu

    Celebrity Crushes

    A rather unusual topic for me to make, though I was curious. Everyone has/had a crush on a certain celebrity, especially during our.. 'younger years'. As we get older we realise that our celebrity crushes are out of reach, and most of the time we get a girlfriend or boyfriend ourselves. However...
  16. Ryu

    Black Lagoon

    I've been watching this for a while now, probably started watching a few weeks after it started airing in Japan, and the last episode of the second series (The Second Barrage) got aired during December. I haven't seen the last few yet, but I'm getting close. Now since this is a very new anime...
  17. Ryu

    New UT Server is open!

    ----- That is correct, what proved to be one of KHI's most popular events, has returned. Once again you're able to frag, snipe and nuke the hell out of your fellow forum members!! Are you getting sick of excitement already? Well don't run for the bathroom yet, because there's more: we'll be...
  18. Ryu

    GTA:SA Graphics problem.

    I posted this at several other forums since I'm seriously dying to finally get this problem solved, so why not post it here as well. I just bought GTA:SA, and already after a few minutes of playing, when I drive into a random neighbourhood, suddenly everything, the walls, roads, cars, turn into...
  19. Ryu

    Import Help Thread

    Official Import Thread Note: From now on, all other threads about imported games will be closed. If you have any questions about your imported KH2, TV-sets, swap magic disks, etc, please post them here, so that other members of KHI can answer them. For now, I will only give a short summary...
  20. Ryu


    Now I ask you. wtf?