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    The Chupacabra found?

    Breaking News- The mythical beast has been found. Or, at least that's what some people think. Check it out, and you decide. The Buzz Log - The Chupacabra Caught? - Yahoo! Buzz
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    ~ ♥ Amalthea Fanclub ♥ ~

    Hey there! Welcome to Azia's Fanclub. She's an absolutely wonderful person, so join her fanclub, like, right now! ♥ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ultimate Leader Supreme: Azia Subjects...
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    Changlings in Present RP ('Continued')

    This is the continuation of the Vampire vs. Changling War thread, now DR and ORA and Doom can continue with their creativity.
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    You know what would suck?

    If Ven was inside Sora (explaining Roxas) If Aqua was inside Kiari (explaining Xion) And If Terra was inside Riku (explaining whole Riku-Terra similarities)
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    gay thread

    but hoes and tricks
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    Kingdom Hearst

    In a recent GameInformer Scan, Square Enix has confirmed a new Kingdom Hearts game, called Kingdom Hearst. The Article can be seen here: Here's the text: EDIT: Yes, this is a Joke.
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    Is there a way to block their posts so you can't see them?
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    February 358/2 Days GameInformer Article

    Hey, Freedom here, and I just got my hands on the Febuary edition of GameInformer, the Gamestop monthly magazine, when lo and behold, an article on Days popped out at me. Nothing is new, except a nice little box of Xion that some might want to use as an avatar, but don't let that stop you from...
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    Unbanned because steven is the hawtness.
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    Grounded. Sucks.

    Yup, im grounded -_- won't be on much... im actually hacking onto my parents computer to send this message. LOL!!! Sooo, see yall soon. :sad:
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    Which Theory's have we heard before?

    I've lost track of them all. Im really getting annoyed because there is no attempt to try to stop new posters from reposting REAL OLD ANNOYING theorys. Question: Please, I'm trying to form a theory, but I don't want to be repetitive. Could my fellow members help me tell which theorys have...
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    Dear Johnny Stooge, CosplayMagic.com -- The Dark Knight Joker Cosplay
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    Worst ways to be divorced

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    Character Change

    Im a bit concerned about the character rule now. It seems like any newbie that wants to raise his post count can just do what i did below. Are the mods covering this? Will they delete worthless posts similar to below? Will there be a change to this rule?
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    Plot Holes/Unanswered Questions of KH

    Tell me what all the Plot Holes/Unanswered Questions of every KH game and Manga/Book there is. Plot Holes/Unanswered Questions of KH Games Currently Released: How Namine's Power was formed Arab Sponser (lol) Station of Awakening/Serenity How Maleficent survived the nobody and heartless attack...
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    Your Favorite Website

    Besides KHInsider, of course.
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    Aqua, the third character?

    Does this prove that Aqua is the third character? http://www.khinsider.com/images/fam/bbs6.jpg Terra goes to Auroras castle Ven goes to Cinderellas World Aqua goes to thorn place to confront Maleficent...? http://www.khinsider.com/images/!KHI/KHI04.jpg and Aqua tells Ven that Terra has...
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    is the nobody that gave all the treusure to the Arab salesman in the second trip to Agrabah?
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    Downloadable 358/2 Days Demo?

    No, this does not contain illegal downloads -_- Feel lucky, Wii and Nintendo DS owners! For some of you that have access to the internet on your Wii, you may have noticed the "Nintendo Channel", a channel that allows you to veiw preveiws, clips, and vote for your favorite games. But there's...
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    Remote Joy for PSP

    Heya, CHARGE here, with a :confused: that you may know the answer to. Alright, Im looking for someone that has used Remote Joy for their PSP, and Im asking if that person can share with me how to Install and Use It for my Slim Vader Version 3.73 PSP. I have watched a couple of youtube videos...