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  1. Twilightprince10

    update needed

    You know the first couple of links on the site, HOME, KH1, KH2, BALH BLAH BLAH. The BBS and 358/2 Days sections are pretty outdated. The 358 section doesnt even mention XION name or any information released through the various trailers. The same could be said about BBS. An update is needed.
  2. Twilightprince10


    DO they ever give credit or show the voice actor for soras mom in kh1? if they did do you think that person will reprise that role in a possible cameo appearence in BBS? Although its unlikely it might help widdle down the serch. we can finally check of one person on the list of more than a...
  3. Twilightprince10

    Lets End This Please!

    I hope that this thread will not only help Khinsider As a whole but will relieve a massive amount of stress from both mods and frustrated members. Many of us have seen at least one if not many Threads on soras necklace. Yes guys this is about soras necklace! Anyways, I think its about time...
  4. Twilightprince10

    Gameplay videos on homepage.

    Before i start this thread i would like to thank the many members for the kind words about the passing of my dog. Shes on my sig if you want o take a look. Anyways, regarding the gameplay videos, they dont seem to be working properly although the new BBS trailer looks very cool. I wanted...
  5. Twilightprince10

    Dec 15?

    This is regarding the home page message " just a bit of advise log in to kh insider dec 15" what was this regarding?
  6. Twilightprince10

    13 Weapons

    Organization 13 is probabl best represented by their weapons. Of course their is the constant questioning of how they obtaind their weapons. In the novel translation of LAST MINUITES TO CASTLE OBLIVION it shows demyx playing his sitar. Translated Kingdomhearts novel by ~Ishtarl-Demonic-Fox on...
  7. Twilightprince10

    Mobile kh insider

    good to see u again khinsider. im writing this thread from my PSP slim. inot an expert on web design but i think it would be conl if u guys made a mobil version of the site. it could really broaden the site and reach ppl who only have phones or other mobile devices. if this Is a bad idea feel...
  8. Twilightprince10

    sig like it or not?

    Im starting to make a sig similar to the one i made yesterday(the one i currently have). do you guys see any improvements that need to be made. The one i have now looks sketchy but its just a layout of what i want to do.
  9. Twilightprince10

    No more video?

    I find it hard to believe that no footage has been leaked from the last two days of Tgs. werent the demos playable on the last two days. I have already seen al the BBS footage but no days footage. We must all scan youtube and any other video sources! sorry guys i have no patience for these things!
  10. Twilightprince10

    For reasons unknown.

    Why the suddon need to ship chain of memmeories to the states u think nomura has a special treat for us after we beat the game. Mabey some forshadowing of the new games? Discuss freely!
  11. Twilightprince10

    Japan= English worlds?

    I just wanted to state something that might happen but 99% says that it wont. Kingdom Hearts is a japanese made game that was released not only to us but many places on the globe. Why is it that only American things are making it into this game. WEorlds Such as Tron and POTC are all american...
  12. Twilightprince10

    Xions power

    Well this theory goes out to my friend alex. Hes been thinking that Xion has the power to use other peoples power.as you all know she has been seen wielding a keyblade maybey she got this power from a keyblade wielder (roxas?, riku?, sora?). Maybey the fire she used when fighting along side...
  13. Twilightprince10

    xion pic

    IM sorry but can someone get me the pic where roxas is fighting next to XION. srry if this doesnt belong here.
  14. Twilightprince10


    A while ago on this site peoplw were talking about soras necklace and the supposed reoccurance of it around the worlds, well since this symbol seems to be used for alot of things( ex: sora opening gates in kh2) could their be a possiblity that perhaps VEN was some how put into this necklace and...
  15. Twilightprince10

    Site translation.

    Well since the TGS 2008 Official Site will contain info on the three (possibly 4) new games i want to know if there is a translated site, if u know where it is can you post a link. thanks!
  16. Twilightprince10

    Cruella DeVil

    I have heard many worlds being brought up over and over but Few if any have brought up 101 dalmations. This world has more than enough reason to be brought up in a new KH game. And does anyone else think that Cruella would be a baddass boss. If sora can turn into a lion in pride lands than why...
  17. Twilightprince10


    I had this thought the first time i saw maleficent in KH1, And now that BBS is coming i want to share it with you. Why hasent Snow whites evil mother appeared or in any f the games. i see her as sort of an equal of maleficent. although this idea is crazy hear me out! suppose in BBS maleficen was...
  18. Twilightprince10

    Death In KH

    Many games have shown death can be a crucial element in a series. It can give people the drive to avenge and darken those who are involved. In the kh series i have seen many a character who fits the criteria of a classic gaming death. The king himself Mickey Mouse fits the bill. He is Dumbledore...
  19. Twilightprince10

    The Return Of Rikus Keyblade.

    Althogh this thread is not talking about the exciting new information that has been going on this week i wold like too turn ur attentions too rikus baddass red handeked keyblade in kh1. any one think this keyblade wii return on the off chance that it will be needed for an important task...
  20. Twilightprince10

    Hoodless Shion

    It sems that shion is hoodless in this picture if anyone has a better quality picture can u please post it on this thread, from this pic i guess u can tel that she has blackish hair we were already old it was bluish black so either aqua is more feminine than we thought dying her hair or this...