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  1. Th Key of Destny

    Official Release HD Screenshots from the E3 Trailer

    Snagged the press release Images from here: Square Enix Press Center - KINGDOM HEARTS III Square Enix Press Center - KINGDOM HEARTS: UNCHAINED Ç The trailer is of course available from there as well. If you haven't downloaded and watched the full HD version, DO THAT RIGHT NOW. I was bowled...
  2. Th Key of Destny

    Why is there such a low completion rate on the HD collection?

    With the coming of the Playstation 4 and the Playstation app for your smartphone, we are able to see the true completion rates of all Playstation games with trophies enabled. I had a look through the stats for the games in the Kingdom Hearts collection, and was a little surprised to see that...
  3. Th Key of Destny

    All I can think of after playing GTA5...

    As many of you may have experienced by now, in Grand Theft Auto 5 you have the capability to switch between the three main playable characters fairly seamlessly with the simple touch of a button. As the characters are switching, for a moment the screen is tinted with the relevant colour...
  4. Th Key of Destny

    Australians that ordered with OzGameShop, have you got your copy yet?

    I'm losing my mind, it's been a week since I got an email from OGS saying that my order had been despatched and everyday I come home from work full of hope only to be dissapointed by an empty mailbox. I'm sure this length of time is normal for an item to travel from the UK to Australia, but...
  5. Th Key of Destny

    Would there be any interest in a Trophy race when the collection is released?

    I'm sure you all know that there will be a list of trophies for each game included with the HD remix and I was wondering if there would be anyone in the community interested in a 'Trophy race' so to speak. This would be entirely optional of course, I'm sure there are people who have waited a...
  6. Th Key of Destny

    Reaction Commands In Future Titles

    Does anyone whink that RC's will make a return in future installments, KH3 in particular? Is anyone actually wanting this to happen? Personally I liked them, but more of their concept than their execution. I will agree with many of you that they did make a lot of battles to easy, or a case of...
  7. Th Key of Destny

    Looking at Blank Points after seeing the scene from BBSFM

    BBS Spoilers follow obviously - Noticed something while watching Blank Points yesterday that sparked my curiousity. Part where Aqua is talking to Ansem at the Dark Meridian: "[Ansem]...This boy travels to many worlds and fights to keep the light safe. [Aqua]Keep the light safe? I've been away...
  8. Th Key of Destny

    (Possibly) New Re:Coded English Screenshots

    Kingdom Hearts | Facebook Official FB posted these agrabah pics about an hour ago. I haven't been checking for the last week but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen them before. EDIT. Add two more minor english screenshots added about 45mins ago
  9. Th Key of Destny

    Ultimania Scans (Not a misleading Title)

    Re:Coded Ultimania Scans : HEARTSTATION.ORG HeartStations put them up, with translations of interviews on the way. Scans here: http://www.khinsider.com/content/view/1598/120/
  10. Th Key of Destny

    Birth By Sleep 'Special Edition'

    So I'm in Australia and me and my brother got our copy of Birth by sleep today. It has everything as it said it would but the cover of the game is also (for lack of a better term) 'shiny' and on the back it is missing a barcode. The artbook is nice and excactly what i expected, still shots of...