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    The Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers

    Surprised I didn't find one post about it. It just aired and I thought it was funny and deserved a thread :[ Pretty much everyone but Mario was funny. ALSO, THE COMMERCIALS SHOWED BETTY WHITE, BUT THERE WAS NO BETTY WHITE. I was really looking forward to Betty White :[ She woulda been the...
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    How do I sign out?

    I'm using tren_z and I cannot for the life of my find the sign out/log off button anywhere. Halp?
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    The official release of "Sanctuary"

    Source Both versions (Opening and Closing) of Utada "Sanctuary" will finally be officially released as bonus tracks on the American release of her new album "This Is The One", coming May 12. Also Simple and Clean :D Over THREE YEARS later, it's finally coming. Sure it may not be as great as...
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    Avatar trouble

    I'm trying to use a gif from the internet as an avatar but upon pressing "Save Changes" it gives me the error: Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file. It's the right size (125x125) and I've used gifs as avys before this... Cans anyone halp me :[ Edit: Dammit, I figured it out...
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    The King of Paint

    For centuries, Paint has been considered a nothing more than a toy when compared to the likes of PhotoShop and software of that nature. One day, YouTube was flooded with ridiculous videos showing off some artist's Paint skills. "Speed paintings" of various people, including the almighty John...
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    Is it just me or has there been a LOT of cops tasering people lately? Or it is just that this has always been going on but was 'popularized' by the Andrew Meyer ("Don't tase me bro!") incident? I for one think these cops gotta stop abusing their power by tasering everone in sight. I agree with...
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    Green Lazor help

    I've wanted this green laser pointer from ThinkGeek for a while now but its price has always been way too steep for me. I went to eBay to see if maybe they had $50 ones, and I found hundreds for around $20, such as this one. They both have the same specs, 532 nm wavelngth, output power of 5mW...
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    World of Warcraft 70 hunter, 70 shaman, 70 be pally, + 3lvl 60s! I don't get it, why is this almost $100,000?
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    Jesus vs. Chuck Norris vs. Captain Falcon

    Jesus is the son of God. Captain Falcon can do this. Chuck Norris... need I say more?
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    itt degrading professionalism

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    NES Rom-Playing Cell Phone

    The Gionee S20 and V9 are mobile media players and can play NES Roms, complete with an A and B button, lol. Oh, and they're phones, too. GIONEE S20, V9 NES gaming phones - IntoMobile While it's only coming out in Taiwan, whos to say they won't bring something like it to the States? If they...
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    itt dark/ghost pokemon

    no weakness :0 Sableye omg
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    Next KH to be portable spin-off, not KHIII

    I don't know why I haven't seen any threads for this... Sorry if it's in the wrong section, I don't know what KH section to put it in :[ Next Kingdom Hearts to be portable spin-off, not KHIII - Joystiq Is anyone syked for this? I love the idea... Why WAS Mickey in the World of Darkness...
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    Can you crack the code?

    Yjr Frbo; od vp,omh/ Upi ,idy [tr[strf@
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    Mind Boggler

    With the following assuptions: 0*1 = 0 0*2 = 0 The following must be true: 0*1 = 0*2 Dividing by zero gives: 0/0*1 = 0/0*2 Simplified, yields: 1=2 D:
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    I'm the mother of my child

    but I'm a guy....
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    Loretta Martin thought she was a woman

    but she was another man .
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    Mikhail Bakunin

    What does this name mean to you?
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    I need money

    please post your suggestions.