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  1. Silfarion

    I've been thinking...

    Recently I finished BBS, and the only goal I've left to do is the MF, or the Mysterious Figure. Now, everyone probably is thinking, who the hell is this asshole who pwns you every time? I've done some thinking, and I came up with my own theory (yes, yet another theory about MF) of who MF is...
  2. Silfarion

    What Axel says

    In kingdom hearts 2 when you use Roxas, after you defeat Axel using dual wielding, Roxas says "Let's meet again in the next life" and Axel says "Heh... Just because you have a next life" what does that mean? He seems like he means that only Roxas has a next life, but what does that sentence...
  3. Silfarion

    Page with sources problem

    Ok, I've been having this problem that once in a while, when I visit different pages in KHI, sometimes instead of that page, the sources of that page pops up. I never tried to edit those things or whatever, but it kinda annoys me cuz they disappear of you refresh the page. Any ideas?
  4. Silfarion

    storyline of days

    ok, although i am one of the people that finished days (yes i did), i didn't understand a SINGLE BIT OF THE STORYLINE cuz i can't read japanese. so can anyone just tell me brief storyline from the first till the end?