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    High Jump and Level Question

    he only heals like twice so after tht no more healing
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    Mistakes in the Guide

    thks for the heads up good thing i use the treasure list to dub chk incase i missed something the guide didnt list
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    Too Hard?

    lolz ill prob make Terranort my bitch on my first playthrough i already have Leaf Bracer,Megaflare,Ragnarock,and Once More all thks to my strategy Guide ^^
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    Some advice?

    well the first Boss is a giant Sewing Wheel hes easy or hard depending on what you do,for example if you attk him head on youll prob die,but i recc poison and shotlocks,oh and prouds a bitch compared to all the other diff,but if your a begginer you should either play easy or standard,me...
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    How long do you think it will take YOU to beat kingdom hearts bbs

    wont take me long even on easy mode its sorta hard lolz and im already in Deep Space for Terras story
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    today's the day!!!!!!!

    im getting it as soon as i get out of college for the day around 12:05 strategy guide too^^
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    Extras in international version?

    it also has Critical Mode and Critical Mode lv1
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    sony's broken promises?

    its the Gos buyers own fault for buying a system tht epically fails
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    Over 100,000 North America Pre-Orders for BBS!

    me too ^^ getting it plus guide as soon as im out of college for the day at around 12 something
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    wonder what new keyblades the NA release will get since acc to Nomura were getting more keyblades ^^ joy
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    How many of you are actually for Re:Coded?

    ill just play it on my emulator only KH game released lately tht deserves my money is BBS
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    NA release date?

    if yall mean in the Feb issue well i got it Sunday and no evidence of anything BBS in it
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    Petes banishment and escape, plus some awesome ice cream SUBBED

    Re: Petes banishment and Ice cream sub! Nomura is a lier! Minnie was just on her period when she banished Pete is all lolz
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    NA release date?

    when Ven,Terra,and Aqua meet they say the same stuff to each other mmk
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    The Voice

    were not talking bout BBS were talking bout KH1
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    Is BBS too easy?

    speaking of Exp theres an ability tht lets you get 1 exp pt for each step you take lolz
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    Question about secret boss

    im pretty sure he can be fought as much as ya want
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    The keyblades of the Graveyard

    they are cause they have those rocks in there just like the VS fight
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    The Voice

    really sheesh i really need to play the KH series again when i get my BC PS3 60GB
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    The Voice

    tht voice belongs to Ansem SOD not Ven