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  1. D.D.D


    Yeah....so, I saw the Rise of the Guardians trailer on the internet the other day. And me, being my nerdy self, fangasmed all over again and made yet another Jack Frost tag. I think it's good, but I'm not sure. What I do know is that I'm a little too cray-cray for this movie. I love...
  2. D.D.D

    Stay Frosty

    Yo yo yo yo yo: Critique le frost.
  3. D.D.D

    Why an elderly character?

    So, I know this actually might belong in the BBS section, but since this has to do with Master Xehanort and he has a pretty big role in DDD, I thought I'd post it in spoilers just in case any of your answers have to deal with his actions in DDD. Anyways, my question is why Nomura decided to...
  4. D.D.D

    A little strange

    IDK if I like this or not. I already know his face is a bit too sharp. But how's everything else?
  5. D.D.D

    The Sexy Manboobs Tutorial (Intermediate)

    Lol, I couldn't help but put that title in for this tutorial. Anyways, enjoy and post outcomes, please. Here's the link to the splatters I talked about: http://corelila.deviantart.com/art/Splatter-Brushes-60718934
  6. D.D.D

    Two teenagers charged for murder of a 5-year-old

    Here's the link to the article...
  7. D.D.D

    This thing is weird

    IDK, I like it, but I don't at the same time. What do you guys think?
  8. D.D.D

    Doesn't like pumpkins

    Soooooo, this is a tag I made, and I thought that I might ask for any critique: IDK if any of you played Threads of Fate/Dewprism, but if you haven't, go get your PS1's and play it nao. Before I throw pumpkins and dolls at you.
  9. D.D.D


    I made this tag a looooooooong time ago and never exactly finned it, but I was looking back at my old stuff and thought, "Hey! I want critique for this poop!". So, yeah, tell me what's up with it.
  10. D.D.D

    boredom results in chaos

    Soooooo.... I was bored today and thought, "Hey, I still have that awesome Liara render I never used!" And here was the result: I think maybe it's a little too messy/chaotic but I like it overall. What are your opinions?
  11. D.D.D

    Just wanted to know...

    Actually, this is for fanfiction purposes, as I always want to be accurate, but did Sora remember the events of the Realm of Sleep at the time Riku had to save him? Or was it that he just fell into darkness and then the next thing he saw was Yen Sid's tower, waking up? Like, I know Sora...
  12. D.D.D

    The Sora Sig Tutorial! Beginner to Intermediate

    Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in this one, lol. I stayed up all night making it. PART 1: PART 2: Anyways, the idea behind this tut was to hold the learner's hand and then gradually let them go off and doing mostly their own thing by the end. It's more of a good weaning tut; for...
  13. D.D.D

    Wallpaper for Dream Drop Distance!

    So, I made this thing: With a logo: Without a logo: So what do you think? Also, feel free to use it for a background or whatever, if you want.
  14. D.D.D

    Do you guys think this would happen?

    So, I haven't really been too active in the KH part of the forum lately, since I've been busy with RL stuff and Digital Media. But I wanted to ask you all a question: Do you think Vanitas would ever betray the Xehanorganization in KH3 when the whole "7 lights and 13 darknesses" thing is going...
  15. D.D.D

    Clipping Mask Tutorial

    Clipping Mask Tutorial (By D.D.D): Note: Here are the links to the brushes and font you need: BRUSHES: Massive Splatter Pack. by ~Garfcore on deviantART FONT: Devil Breeze Font | dafont.com PICTURES: For these I'd suggest just looking up some things on Google Images or use tags of your own...
  16. D.D.D

    Hey, critique this fer me!

    So, I had this as my signature for a bit. Would you guys critique it for me? It's Riku. He's a sexy guy.
  17. D.D.D

    Tag of Hope

    So, since Spiral Dream Designs has been super slow with no requests lately, I thought I'd do some non request work and sharpen my skills. THE RESULT: Of course, this is Hope from FF13. Does it look alright? Any constructive critique is wanted.
  18. D.D.D

    critique this blondie

    So I took a long break from my KH 10th anniversary challenge and made a tag from Tidus' Dissidia render. Any critiques?
  19. D.D.D

    KH 10th Anniversary Personal Challenge - Free Tags to Whoever Wants Them!

    Hello, fellow taggers! Due to KH's 10th anniversary, I have made a challenge for myself: to make two complete sets of ALL the original characters in the series(and some important Disneys, like the King and D and G). One set will be of artwork, the other of cg renders, each made in the same...
  20. D.D.D

    Whole Ending Explanation?

    So, I've been really confused with all this KH3D mish mash, and all these different threads. And I hate to bug you guys about this, but could any of you tell me/give me a precise list of all what happens in the end and secret ending? This is mostly for fanfiction purposes, as I write my stories...