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  1. Grey

    Heartless + Nobody = Unholy New Enemy?

    I've wondered about this for a while. Heartless are lost hearts in darkness, and Nobodies are lost bodies without hearts, with souls corrupted by darkness. There's always been a lot of talk about a "third" (fourth if you want to count Unversed) enemy being a manifestation of a lost soul, but...
  2. Grey

    Sora's Sacrifice

    I was thinking lately... What did Sora honestly hope to achieve by stabbing himself with the Dark Keyblade? I want to say the reason was "because without Kairi's Heart, the Keyhole would be incomplete." Right. So, Sora wanted to sacrifice himself to free Kairi to open the Keyhole... so that it...
  3. Grey

    The Dark Soldier/Masked Wielder

    Like most out there, I've always wondered who--or what--the Dark Soldier really was. With this latest trailer, which finally featured DS speaking, I began to think... Bear with me, this theory was mostly an idea, entertaining a possibility. Onward! KH2 FM+ Secret Ending The video of the secret...
  4. Grey

    Axel Signature

    Using the new render for Axel, I made these sigs: Ignoring sizes and all that, what sig should I use?
  5. Grey

    Donald and Goofy with Keyblades

    I didn't know where else to put this... I realize that this will never happen, but what is stopping Donald and Goofy from wielding Keyblades? Nomura said that there were as many Keyblades as there were qualified Hearts, and both Donald's and Goofy's hearts are very strong. What is keeping them...
  6. Grey

    Xion's Significance

    Ok, so I've seen around a bit of talk about how important people think Xion will truly be. I figured we might as well have a topic for it (sorry if it's already been made!). So, how significant do you think Xion will be? Will she be extremely significant? Will she be more of an influential...
  7. Grey

    TAV Keyblades: Keychainless?

    I've been wondering about this for quite some time... Sorry if a thread like this has been made already, or if it's been explained already...but what significance could there be to Terra's, Aqua's, Ven's, and DS's Keyblades having no Keychains? My theory is as follows: As a Keyblade...
  8. Grey

    Well Hello There

    Hello, KHI! I am Grey, a new member here. I've been semi-watching the site for a while, and finally decided to join! I've been in love with Kingdom Hearts ever since my friend introduced me to the first game. Chances are, a good amount of you guys have played it for that long (or longer), but...