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  1. Chromatic

    Tech ► Computer Recommendations

    So it's looking like, after about five years, my laptop will be in need of replacement (audio appears to be shot). I'm looking to replace it with a more gaming centered model, though I will more so be using it to record music (via USB interfaces). So something with the specs to handle this, as...
  2. Chromatic

    Music ► Tash Sultana

    Recovered drug addict. Singer. Songwriter. Multi instrumentalist. Former Melbourne busker. Guru of Live Looping.
  3. Chromatic

    Character ► [ACCEPTED] Chromatic's Carousel of Characters

    I figure, to avoid that oh so nasty thing called clutter, I'll just use one single thread to house any and all sheets that I create for this RP. Faith Name: Zachary Eckert; an adopted name for an adopted life. Nickname: “Zash;” taken as tribute to an impaired, yet adoring ‘fan.’ Age: 20...
  4. Chromatic

    Supposing I Started A Tournament?

    ~EDIT~ Main Seeding List This is the original list of how everyone was seeded to determine first round matches. After the first round, it will be used to determine the judge pairings. 1. LegendaryHeroLCB 2. DMrayZ 3. King Sora X 4. Klom89 5. Megawallflower 6. Sean...
  5. Chromatic

    A Good Day To Die

    Thought I'd try to take some time to make a return to Hess parts. And what bette way than a battle? Some housekeeping first: - I'm traveling right now, and posting via mobile. So a relaxed pace is preferred. Don't be surprised or let down of it takes me a day or two to respond over the next...
  6. Chromatic

    [R4-B5] InnerPeace vs. Superbia

    Seeing as my discussions with Grandsword have left me with little on what he'd have wanted, I'm just gonna go and put up something pretty basic. Location: Something along the lines of a cross between a forest and a meadow-like area. The ground is covered by lush green grass that rises to...
  7. Chromatic

    [R2-B8] Lord of Chaos vs. Weeaboo

    Setting: Welcome lads n' lasses, t' t' hell that be a shipwreck island. it's not terribly large, bein' maybe half a mile both north t' south and east t' west. T' island features a sparse bit o' jungle a short walk from its beach shoreline, which be pretty much absent o' life, save for some...
  8. Chromatic

    [R1-B10] Nigga Sauce vs. Weeaboo

    Arena: It’s construction destruction time! Located cozily at the heart of a construction project, this battle shall be determined within a soon-to-be building. Currently, the building stands between 90 and 100 feet tall. The visible base of the building seems to be no less than 100x100 feet in...
  9. Chromatic

    Idea For A PokeRP

    YouTube - Pokémon Apokélypse: Live Action Trailer HD The above video is meant to be a reference. Elements from it will/have been applied to the idea, but it is mostly unconnected to the loop in terms of characters. Basically, a friend of mine showed me the video above, of a more mature, and...
  10. Chromatic

    A Wizard's Duel (Order Ranking Challenge For Rank 7)

    This is a challenge going to Grandmaster_Chris for his spot at 7 in the Order Rankings. As agreed previously, this battle will be between our characters in The Seven Angels of Death RP. My only ground rules outside of the standards will be as such: - Naturally, all powers will be reflective of...
  11. Chromatic

    To You Who Run The Show

    I commend the lot of you who have made this such a special April Fool's Day.... As a gift..... I leave >blitzballblitzbalblitzballblitzball< s1blitzball8
  12. Chromatic


    So, this afternoon, whilst aimlessly drifting between one thought or another, I came upon thinking of a Batman RP (though maybe such a thing has already been done here). It is poised to be set a few weeks following the conclusion of The Dark Knight, with the Gotham PD still acting under orders...
  13. Chromatic

    Three Hundred Sixty-Five (1 Year F*** Fest)

    Alright, I guess a battle would be fun right about now. But for the sake of keeping things in such an accomadating manner, as to ensure that anyone who decides to join in can not have to worry about being totaled as soon as they jump in (or something like that), I'd like to keep this as...
  14. Chromatic

    Dragonball RP Poll Thread

    I figured that rather cram people chalk full of what I want out of a DB/DBZ/DBGT based RP, I'd take a poll, to see where in the DB timeframe it should take place.
  15. Chromatic

    Moving Stgnant Waters. Order Ranking Challenge To ∞ For Rank EDIT: 4 (Apparently)

    Battle Type: Original. Whether it will follow any kind of character based continuum is up to you. Character Type: Looking for a gun battle, mostly, with a touch of science fiction/fantasy elements to them. That seems to be right down your alley as it is. Location: Chitguaze (Sheet-gwahzay) -...
  16. Chromatic

    On The Matter of Friendship

    Before anyone tells me that this should go in the help/support section, I'm just going to state here that the personal acount of events that proceeds this is a lead into my discussion topic. So, the other day, I was attempting to speak with a friend of mine, (or rather, at this point, a...
  17. Chromatic

    Anyone Up For A Dragonball RP?

    OK, much of what I have in mind is being reserved for PMs, because there are somethings that I am planning on holding as a secret until later in the plot, should this get off well. I will say this much of my idea: The plot will take place in the future of the Z series, with GT having not...
  18. Chromatic

    Hey Karutomaru

    How about you try fighting by someone else's rules for a change? It'll be a.. ummm.... good learning experience for you. And you'll find that the rules I play by are more than fair for the both of us. 1. Battle takes place between purely HUMAN characters with NO POWERS WHATSOEVER. 2. Battle...
  19. Chromatic

    So yeah, these guys are pretty sweet.

    Just check 'em out. There's even a music player included there so you can hear for yourselves. Piercing Silence's Fan Club | OurStage.com (For anyone that may see fit to ask it, I am not among the members of the above group. They are all, by leaps and bounds, greater musicians than myself).
  20. Chromatic

    Help/Support ► So I've Decided To Ask Advice

    So, over the summer, I found myself with, for lack of a better term, a deeper affection for a friend of mine. While we had only met in March, at the time, it was like we had known each other for longer. We had been pretty close personally, and naturally, I had expected us to become closer. But...