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  1. NocturnalMelody

    Exclusive Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    We're all used to the empty worlds, which is a good thing and a bad thing - we expect it so it's not too bothersome to the point of frustration, but at the same time it's about time to bring some life into these worlds with more NPCs. And I agree. The review is not biased like: "PERFECT TEN...
  2. NocturnalMelody

    KH3D Screenshots + Voice Actor Confirmations!

    I seriously hope Jesse McCartney never stops voicing Roxas, he's perfect for the character :D Glad to see Hayden returning! She's a great actress, and was better than Alyson Stoner, I think!
  3. NocturnalMelody

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced Pre-ordered the game a day before I found out this was coming out, but luckily Gamestop allowed me to switch to the collector's edition! I'm so excited for this game :cool:
  4. NocturnalMelody

    Re:CoM Review - Re:Chain of Memories Triumphs Over Original Handheld Release

    Re: CoM Review - Re:Chain of Memories Triumphs Over Original Handheld Release I enjoyed this game! I had bought the original CoM first, and quickly got frustrated...it just feels like the bosses don't give you enough breathing room on the screen when you're trying to fight them. The graphics...
  5. NocturnalMelody

    Lea fights like...

    While Lea has a pretty cool keyblade...I still wish he kept his chakrams. I had never seen a video game character with those kinds of weapons before, and they made him stand out in KH...not to mention that he looked badass summoning them before a battle. I'll be sad to see them gone :(
  6. NocturnalMelody

    358/2 Days Manga Volume 4 Available for Preorder on Amazon!

    I think I'll do this. I'm sure a lot of people besides me would really love to read the KH manga in English again :biggrin:
  7. NocturnalMelody

    358/2 Days Manga Volume 4 Available for Preorder on Amazon!

    Yeah, I agree, everytime something gets started there's always a long hiatus! I love Shiro Amano's adaptation of the games and I'm really happy to see an update for the 358/2 Days manga. I still wish someone else would pick up the project after Tokyopop cancelled so we could read it here in the...
  8. NocturnalMelody

    KHII Manga Volume 6 to be released in April!

    I'm very excited to finally be able to read the rest of the manga! But it's still a shame that they're never going to continue it in English :(
  9. NocturnalMelody

    New Manga Artwork

    I'm actually really surprised another company didn't take it after Tokyopop considering it was popular and everything. What country are you from?
  10. NocturnalMelody

    New Manga Artwork

    Oh, I didn't think about that :redface: I'm from the states, so I'm not too sure what's gonna happen there...I doubt we're gonna see many updates. I wish another manga company would pick up Kingdom Hearts though.
  11. NocturnalMelody

    New Manga Artwork

    Thanks, it's good to actually hear some news :smile: It'll be nice to read more of Days though, even if it takes until February of next year! I just wish Shiro would continue what he started, the KH II manga is so close to being done!
  12. NocturnalMelody

    New Manga Artwork

    This is so cute, but it makes me wonder when the manga (both 358 AND KH II) are ever going to be updated...it seems like each time a new one comes out they get canceled. I know that since Tokyopop closed up its not going to be in English, but I know a lot of people would at least like to...
  13. NocturnalMelody

    Birth by Sleep novel Vol #3: To the Future scheduled for May 26th.

    That is good news! But also sad at the same time since its not in English...I love Shiro Amano's work and wish we could have at least gotten the rest of the Kingdom Hearts II Manga and eventually the 358/2 Days manga :(