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  1. Badger

    which part of the keyblade is used to attack?

    I think a keyblade master would know different fighting techniques that utilized all parts of the weapon.
  2. Badger

    Best list of synthesis items

    I haven't beat any in the cave of remembrance and I have the ultimate weapon. I think you can synthesis the manifest illusion.
  3. Badger

    CoM help

    Well you can switch between your attack/magic cards and enemy cards by pressing SELECT, maybe that's what you were talking about? The card for the Rewards room you are talking about won't appear till floor 7 I believe. So you will have to go back down to lower floors to get them. Also a note...
  4. Badger

    CoM help

    You can't use cure, but if you hit some of the objects in the room, some will spit out HP orbs. But yeah, it definitely takes a while to get used to the new game system.
  5. Badger

    Best list of synthesis items

    No they came as a set with 1.5 and 2.5. 358/2 Days isn't exactly playable on the PS3, it's just the cut scenes redone in HD basically. All the other games were originally for handhelds. Do you have a DS or PSP? You can get 358/2 Days for DS or Birth by Sleep for PSP. If you don't have any of...
  6. Badger

    Starting out. Just wondering.

    I one ability I try to get as soon as I can is EXP Walker. Every step you take will give you an experience point! It's only available after you beat the first 3 worlds though. One of the easiest recipes is Blizzard and Aero. You need the Abounding Crystal, which isn't available till after the...
  7. Badger

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Don't feel bad, I haven't even been able to beat Larxene! (Is there like a rubber suit I can buy somewhere??!) And I seriously thought I was going to have to quit when I met up with Roxas the first time. I took a break too, but I'll go back when I actually look up some strategies XD So don't...
  8. Badger

    Kingdom Hearts 2 issues?

    Two Become One is only really useful for triggering Final Form. When you are in combat and have 2 living party members you will always drive into Anti or Final Form. And once you unlock Final Form you will always go into Anti Form (at least I think so. That's what would happen to me) (I...
  9. Badger

    Leveling Drive forms in KH 2 FM!

    The problem I had with Limit form was that you could only get off like 2 abilities before your mp runs out which is crucial to getting xp. So I solved this by going to the underworld. There's that one stretch on the way to Hades (I think it's called Cave of the Dead: Passage) that I found to be...
  10. Badger

    My heart just dropped a little...

    Yep, you read correctly. Would have been great to have all the games playable, but that's how they decided to do it. Would have been a lot of work so I guess I don't blame them.
  11. Badger

    Help me understand Berserk Charge

    Oh btw, once I learned this strategy I thought No. 8 would be a breeze. (8 was the hardest mushroom for me to get, I must have tried over 100 times) But every time I'd get up to 70 hits the mushroom would be flung just out of range and I wouldn't be able to get to it in time. It was so flippin...
  12. Badger

    Help me understand Berserk Charge

    It took me a while to figure out how Berserk charge worked, but it's only active when you are out of MP. So while you're MP is charging you will have unlimited combos. I used berserk charge and horizontal slash on the spinning mushroom and it was super easy. You just had to spam square and you...
  13. Badger

    Majorly need help beating stupid mini games on critical difficulty!!!!!!

    For the light cycle game, the method that worked best for me was to ignore the attack command and always used charge to knock them out. (are those the right command names? It's been a little while) When you make it to the end of the course and are about to go through the crack in the wall, make...
  14. Badger

    How in the world do you beat Ice Cream Beat?

    I love rhythm games too, but I HATE this game! I think part of the problem is that it's not always easy to see which nephew is hitting the beats and part of it is song choice and another part is controls (It would be so much easier if the buttons were just circle, triangle, square!) Anyway...
  15. Badger

    Help/Support ► friendzone

    Well first you need to understand that the friendzone isn't really a thing. People and relationships are more complicated than that. If you've asked this person out and they've rejected you, then you might just have to move on. I know that might sound kind of harsh, but there really isn't...
  16. Badger

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trophy problem

    I don't know anything about that glitch, so maybe that's the problem, but how could you have all the journals completed before the final boss? Aren't there some optional bosses that don't appear until after you've beaten it?
  17. Badger

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trophy problem

    Not 100% sure, but I think you need to clear the final battle again to update the trinity archives.