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    Empire: Total War

    Empire: Total War Exclusive Preview: The Road to Independence, Multiplayer, and Hands-on Naval Combat - PC News at GameSpot GameSpot Video: Empire: Total War Road to Independence Trailer And the demo Empire: Total War™ Demo on Steam Giggity.
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    Lit ► A Song of Ice and Fire, and other works by George R. R. Martin

    You should all be ashamed that this thread isn't already here. A Song of Ice and Fire is a literary masterpiece. I've never read another book that was as good as a single page of Martin's books.
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    MySpace.com - Rantobokgo Mkandla - Harare/Bulawayo - Reggae / Afro-beat / Soul - www.myspace.com/rantoboko Has anyone else heard of this guy? I'm not the most descriptive person, so all I can say is that I think his music is awesome. With songs like Peanut Field and Ironical World, he really...
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    Where the sedatives are your only relatives

    Open challenge to anyone. God am I bored...
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    Curiosity killed the cat, not me

    yeah... so does mold grow on poisoned food?
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    So I can vibe all night - Open Challenge

    So I can vibe all night agwefd - Open Challenge PC battle. Rules should be implied. Must be able to post at least once every two days, although once a day is preferable. I'll be using my new character, Thomas Evans. See how he stands up.
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    Multiple stab wounds, electrocution, and massive confusion - The Experiment dies

    Multiple stab wounds, electrocution, and massive confusion - Hydrogen dies See this Hydrogen? The Thief will end you.
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    Fighting a mage

    Non continuity. Otherwise, regular rules. Gotta see how I handle fighting magic. No one who can destroy the planet or things like that. Destroying a continent is fine though. Name: Edward Cras Age: 32 Gender: Male Race: Human Appearance: A black haired, white skin man, who stands 6...
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    Infamous 'Post your dirty SSB Picture thread'

    You know what I mean. Mario got wasted http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g177/clouded_fate/Games/mario%20kirby/marioxkirby.jpg http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g177/clouded_fate/Games/mario%20kirby/mariofistkirby.jpg...
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    Training with DK

    Name: Edward Cras Age: 32 Gender: Male Race: Human Appearance: A black haired, white skin man, who stands 6 feet tall. His face is ordinary, he would blend in well with a crowd of random people. The only odd thing about his face are that his eyes are pink, of the same shade as Kirby. He's...
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    Ninja Gaiden 2 in 2008 for 360

    Thread resurrection is MINE.
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    First RP Battle

    I've never actually posted in the RP section before, and have no intention of posting in the general RP section for a developing story or something like that. I have an idea for a template, name and abilities and such, but I want to make sure that this thread won't be moved or deleted or...
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    USB Device Not Recognized

    I get this pop-up whenever i try to plug in my flash drive, external drive, or printer for the USB ports. I do have a Logitech thing that controls the keyboard and mouse, and that one works. I tried updating the drivers, and it says that there are no better drivers available. I tried...
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    Books by Robert Greene

    Amazon.com: The 48 Laws of Power: Books: Robert Greene Amazon.com: The Art of Seduction: Books: Robert Greene,Joost Elffers Amazon.com: The 33 Strategies of War: Books: Robert Greene He's also working on a new book with the rapper 50 cent. I believe it will be titled The 50th Law of Power. His...
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    A Stronger Heartless A new age is upon us, an age free from stupid theories, and all will know that one thread gave it's last...dieing...breath to defend it. so anyways, i do not think that the old man is xehanort, i beleive that he is the previous leader of the heartless. the ansem we knew...
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    I really have no specific idea where i want this discussion to eventually lead to, but it might be interesting. Discuss math, theories, mathematicians, field medals, and whatnot. You know that 196 is the only non-palindromic number?
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    Anyone know this band? here's a hint It's the ______________, it's the creme of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rival. And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night and he's watching us all with the ___~ ___________
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    50 years ago, 50 years from now

    Just something i felt like making. talk about anything that happened int he past half century or anything you think will happen in the next half century. i'm just wondering what everyone has to say. talk about anything, from education to war to politics to industry to science to technology. i...
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    Medical fields of choice

    gynecologists proctologists nurse optometrist surgeon dermatologists orthodontist psychiatrist physician Which do you think is the best? I trust that you know what each one is.
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    Sands of Time

    a history game, I name a year, you name something interesting that happened in that year, then you name a new year, person after says something interesting that happened int hat year, etc. etc. easy one first: 1941 Edit: this can go into ancient history (but not prehistory) so put in A.D. or...