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  1. L0stKid

    A Theory on MF

    So ummm I'm gonna type in my theory for you guysss.. MF = a clone of MX? why exactly? maybe because that MF was like a back up plan for MX in case he died( or went to the ROD)but Unfortunately mf split into a heartless and a nobody and maybe that nobody was MF in BBS that we play in.and for...
  2. L0stKid

    KH Timeline

    Can anyone gimme the WHOLE kingdom hearts timeline please? im kinda confused with the timeline thingyyyy
  3. L0stKid


    wait so whats the recoded you know what episode ahemm...final....ahemm 252525252525252525
  4. L0stKid


    I never really knew the plot of Coded can someone explain it to me and tell me what happens in the ending pleeease
  5. L0stKid

    Blank Points stuff

    So we alll know that There all talking about Sora Yay! It all makes sense now! I WAS SO excited but something bugged me.. what was in the letter?was it a letter from aqua or something? oh wait its from mickey.. did mickey tell sora about TAV and free them from their torment and since the...
  6. L0stKid

    Blank Points

    Can anybody gimme a link for the Blank Points in english (not jap) because when I was playing my BBS I almost finished everything EXCEPT the freakin ice cream beat. -_- and right when I tried to do it I FCKING dropped it soo i FCKING BROKE MY SCREEN AND MY LIFE IS RUINED Sooooooo anybody have...
  7. L0stKid

    Round And Round She Goes...

    yoo. the post of this thread is OCTOBER 4,2010 O_o is it because of your time zone or something?
  8. L0stKid

    Aqua Files

    sooo I finished the Final Episode and I'm wondering because I have 2 Aqua saves The Final Episode one and the fissure in keyblade graveyard... Is it ok if I overwrite my Fissure one to my Final Episode? Will that cause anything cuz i want it to be only one save and sometimes i press the wrong...
  9. L0stKid

    I need help with Ven

    oh thanks! 6537289563489560289562038945
  10. L0stKid

    I need help with Ven

    Welll when i tried to make Ars arcanum i had the right stuff and it showed the wrong command 0_0 (Quick blitz + blizzard) oh yeah and i dont know where it shows (in the picture) the "item" crystal
  11. L0stKid

    Has anyone else noticed......

    He doess but idk about the personality between them
  12. L0stKid

    Birth By Sleep Command Deck Building/Melding/Abilities Guide

  13. L0stKid

    I need help with Ven

    how do you get those? 2525225225252525252525
  14. L0stKid

    I need help with Ven

    Apparently I'm using Ven right now.. how do like boost his HP he's Level 40 and he didnt get to a full circle of health yet -___-
  15. L0stKid

    How do you unlock blank points?

    Trinity Trophy...It says proof that you finished every character in PROUD?! do i have to unlock this one toooooo?
  16. L0stKid

    I finished the Final Episodee xD!

    Ohhhh THANKS!! 2525252525252525
  17. L0stKid

    How do you unlock blank points?

    100%?!?!?!??!! woahhhhhh dannnnnnnnggggggggg Im standard btw
  18. L0stKid

    How do you unlock blank points?

    well i completed the reports and final episode.....do i just load the game with any character then it'll show automatically?????
  19. L0stKid

    I finished the Final Episodee xD!

    waiitt.....Heartless? i thought that Xehanort made heartless?
  20. L0stKid

    I finished the Final Episodee xD!

    so lemme get this straight... Aqua - Lost in the realm of darkness...but why did terra and Ventus' keyblades defeat the unversed? or is that heartless? Ventus - Is in Room of Awakening Terra - Im confused with him...whose controlling MX or Terra (kinda)? AND IM FREAKIN HAPPY THAT I FINISHED...