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    IF There's a Kingdom Hearts T.V. Show...

    What would you like to see in it? Do you want a well-known anime studio on the animation? Or a certian director or animation director? Discuss your opinions here.
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    What will the 14th Member look like?

    Personally, I envision the 14th member with purple hair. I don't know why. Opinions are obviously welcome. P.S. I'm very sorry if there were threads like this. So no flaming please.
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    The Year

    I've been thinking, since KH1 came out on 2002, and KH2 takes place a year after, the year KH2 really takes place is in 2003. Just a thought
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    Secret Ending in Proud Mode

    In Proud mode, you just have to beat all the worlds, or there's more to it?:confused:
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    What do you like About Sora?

    Just like the title says, what' s Sora's best qualities? I like his bravey and sense of humour.:D
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    Strange, but Funny

    Hey, there's a new video done by TwilightSoulKey. It's seriously funny! Heres's the link:http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5VksfWk8vA
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    Strategy Guide Available in Stores

    Hi, I'm wondering if the strategy guide is or will be in stores. My dad didn't want to order it through the Internet. Someone can close this thread once my question is answered.
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    If KH was a TV show....

    I know there are many threads about a movie or anime, but you can put all your theroies and wants if there will a KH movie and/or anime
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    Fanfiction ► Forgetten Sin

    Hello! This is my first fanfic, so be nice! Warning: Some blood and gore and language. Pairings: KairixSora:D NaminexRikuxRoxas(Love triangle:eek: ) Disclaimer: I don't any characters from Square Enix and Disney. I do, however, own my two OCs. On with the story! Enough. He was tried of...
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    KH2 Manga

    You know KH1 had 4 manga volumes and KH:COM newest. Then KH2 should have a manga series of its own, right? I don't of scans or anything, but just think about. There is a possiblity
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    :D Hey guys I know we they show cutscenes that explains A LOT mysteries through out the game(like the revealing of who DiZ really is) Here's the link:http://www.kingdom-falls.thefinalfantasy.com/
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    Volumes 3 and 4

    I know KH Manga is old, but does anybody have links to view volumes 3 and 4?
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    I Listen To Passion!!!!!!

    :D You know the theme song for KHII 'Passion' by Utada Hikaru, I listened to the FULL song. That right! I can get you to listen to it, in fact, there's a cool place you can download a lot of music! It's called 'LimeWire'.;)
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    Release Date Debate

    About the release date, it March 2006, but a friend of mine says KHII is coming out December of this year. I keep telling him that's the release date for Japan. He refuses to listen. What should I do?:confused: P.S. Where can I get a sig?
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    KH Manga

    Kingdom Hearts Manga is a lot like the game, but funnier and more cartoonic, they even swear!:eek: . What do you guys think?
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    Kingdom Hearts Animated Series

    Guess what? THERE WILL BE A KINGDOM HEARTS TV SERIES!!!!:D , but I don't knew when it will air:(
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    Another Theroy

    Okay. So the brothers theroy was stupid, but what if BHK is Sora's shadow or something.:rolleyes:
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    Sora and BHK...brothers?

    Do you guys think it's possible that Sora and BHK are brothers? Maybe that's way BHK is trying to find Sora to tell him that. Like I said it is possible...