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    Sora in Best 100 Video Game Heroes!

    Our Sora made number 47 in Gamesradar's list of 100 gaming heroes 100 best heroes in video games | GamesRadar
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    Gamesradar's week of Disney

    Hey, i haven't posted in a long time cuz im waiting for the hype to go away so my threads on old games wont be forgotten as quickly. Anyway, i don't kno if you know this, but Gamesradar is having a week of Disney, and it's said that it's basically a week of Kingdom Hearts They have some...
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    ok, so each KH game came out exclusively to only one console right? my question is WHY?? can't they just make a different version, but same story, for each console. and it's not just KH, Square seems to do it with like every game they have. i just don't get why they would keep an awesome game on...
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    EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT<o:p></o:p> Riku-Keyblade<o:p></o:p> -SO FAR-<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Intro-<o:p></o:p> Hello im METALMANMAC1, and umm well I’m bored, so I decided to make this thread! Now I'm not new to KHI but not old, so how much I know about...
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    Vexen copied goofy!!!

    aren't all of the org's weapons supposed to be unique to them?? but Vexen's weapon is a shield right? like goofy? so did nomura like run out of weapon ideas or did he see some resemblence between vexen and goofy? OH i see!! VEXEN IS GOOFYS NOBODY!! (sarcasm). tell em what you guys think...
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    hey guyz...this is kinda a random question but...u know all the items sora carrys around? umm where does he put them? i mean he has a buncha pockets...but i doubt all of it can fit in them...and when the keyblade isnt out..where does he put it?? just wondering guyz tell me what you...
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    hey guyz, u just wanted to ask, how do you pronounce the names of the organization members that came and died in chain of memories? like, i think i know how to pronounce Vexen, and names like that, but names like lexeaus and marluxia confuse me. in the otakon video, people pronounced murluxia...
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    Kingdom hearts 358/2 days fighting game?

    i was thinking, kingdom hearts 358/2 days has 13 (possibly 14) playable players in multiplayer...now i know the concept for multiplayer was like a doing a mission together, but what if another multiplayer game on it was a fighting game? like u pick a member of the org, and whoever ur...
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    didn't donald and king triton say that its against the rules to meddle in the affairs of other worlds? umm...what happened to that rule? y is it ignored now? shoulnt sora liek have his keyblade taken away for breakign the rules? and it looks liek TAV/VAT have been breaking that rule...
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    umm just wondering...why do kingdom hearts cutscenes have subtitles? i mean is that standard for games now? do other of square's games have subtitles? if any of you know...tell me what u think:thumbsup:
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    the old man in tarzan

    hey guyz! you all watched the Tarzan movie right? remember the old man, he was short had a hat and mustache, i think he was Jane's grandpa. so ya do u remember him now? ok umm where is he? why wasn't he in deep jungle in kingdom hearts 1? did they forget about him? did they not have rights to...
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    what can kill heartless?

    remember on destiny islands, when sora had his wooden stick and he couldn't fight the heartless? then the keyblade appeared and he could fight? well how come at hollow bastion when he gets his stick again, he can fight the heartless then? i thought only the keyblade can fight the heartless...
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    My kingdom hearts spoof 3

    Hey guyz!, its me again! some of you may have watched my kingdom hearts spoof... YouTube - Kingdom Hearts spoof 1: Destiny Islands or its sequel... YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Spoof 2: Traverse Town and the sequel did better than the first so...I made another sequel!!!! Kingdom hearts spoof...
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    Hollow bastion and radient garden

    remember at the end of tron it shows you what hollow bastion looked like when it was called radiant garden? how come radiant garden looked exactly the same as hollow bastion. Tron is said it was what it looked like before..soo shouldn't all the stuff be repairied and fixed and all pretty? i mean...
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    the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

    Ok, guys i know u people have red millions of new places for kh3 theories threads...but this idea was hopefully never thought of before :thumbup:. I was thinking what if when sora has to go meet mickey for some reason (maybe cuz of the letter) Mickey could take sora donald and goofy, to the...
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    my kingdom hearts spoof 2

    Hey guyz, i told u guyz about my kingdom hearts spoof a while ago so now im tellin you about my second kh spoof! its in traverse town!!! heres the link to the video YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Spoof 2: Traverse Town thats my second kingdom hearts spoof you can watch my first one here YouTube -...
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    Last Names

    This has been bugging me for a while, why doesn't sora have a last name? i mean cloud leon final fantasy characters etc...have last names how come sora didnt get one? even in the world ends with you, characters have last names, neku's last name is like sakuraba, And not only sora all characters...
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    maleficient and the 3 faries

    remember when the three faries start remembering maleficient and then maleficent was alive again? well what happened after that? did maleficint like kill the faries and go away? or did maleficient disappear, or somtin else...u decide:huh:
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    org 13 heartless

    i don't remember where but i herd somewhere that each organization member commands a specific type of nobody... i think the nobodys that shoot were xigbars nobodys right? so how come after xigbar is dead the nobody he commands is still alive? along with all the other org nobodys whos commanders...
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    the 6 of us?

    Ive been thinking about this for a while...rite after wen yen sid told sora to go to the next room and find the faeries, before the faeries talked to him he said something like this: " us riku and the king, the 5 of us- i mean the 6 of us can do it" i don't know the exact words if someone...