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    First time... Critique?

    So this is my first try with photoshop... downloaded like two c4ds for this and ran with it. Comments / Critique? I really just threw on the text so feel free to ignore it. I'm fairly proud of it, but feel free to knock me down :)
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    BBS Disney Villains?

    I remembre playing KH1 and understanding the fact that the villains posed an actual threat, whereas in KH2 they were just placeholders. Maleficent in particular always stood out to me as being a kickass disney villain, and so a question- Do you actually get the feeling that the disney villains...
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    Lit ► His Dark Materials

    I searched for a thread on this series, but couldn't find one. So here it is. I love these books. In my opinion the series remained strong from beginning to end, and in general was extremely captivating. So what do you think about them? Favorite book in the series? Why? I wanna hear opinions...
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    Level Design Question (Spoiler-Free Please)

    With the search function shut off I'm not sure if there is a thread already like this, but I've got a general question. Are the level designs of this game closer to KH1 or KH2 in nature? I loved the levels of the first game, but the second one was waaaaaaaay too linear. I don't wan't to be...
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    I missed this place =)

    Well I'm back... (Not sure anybody knew I was ever here, but whatever.) Playing Days made me remember just how much I liked this series, and with BBS so close I felt I should come back. I forgot how nice this place was =) Anyway can't wait to get back to posting! Seeeya around.
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    Registered Sex Offenders

    This is a really big issue lately where I live... What are your opinions on this policy? Although I think it is fair that people are alerted to any registered sex offenders living in their area, I think the policy has a few flaws. For instance, some of these people, while they may have had...
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    Who else thinks this show needs to die? My little cousin makes me watch it with her all the time, and it is hell >< Reasons for me saying this: -It's another unoriginal attempt by the nickelodeon network to attract tween audiences -I don't even know the lead girl's name, but she can't act for...
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    Awkward Moments

    Not entirely sure if this should be here or in the games section, but nonetheless: This is just a thread where you post some of the most awkward moments in your life (purely for fun). (I couldn't find a thread like this... if there already is one, moderators feel free to close/delete this xD)...
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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Well, I confess myself to be a Star Wars fan, and as some of you may know, in the Fall of 2008 a new Star Wars show will be released! If you look at the Star Wars official site, you can see the amazing trailer, which has shows off the shows amazing graphics. Well, for you star wars fans out...
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    Jean Grey Fanclub

    :|: The Jean Grey Fanclub :|: Here we are to worship the embodiment of life, the queen of the X-men, the one and only JEAN GREY! Simple enough, no? ^.^ You are also free to discuss other X-men, but I'd life to see how many other fans there are of her =D ~*~*~*~.M.E.M.B.E.R.S.~*~*~*~...
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    Fanfiction ► A Little Taste of Life

    :|: A Little Taste of .L.i.f.e. :|: -Prologue- The figure in the black coat wondered silently through the abandoned castle, taking a long look at the nearly destroyed walls. The spiraling stairs he had followed upwards left him in a circular room resting in a tranquil twilight, illuminating the...
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    Fanfiction ► ~In the Darkness Bind Them~

    :|: In the D.a.r.k.n.e.s.s Bind Them :|: ~*~*~*~*~ Beyond the chaos Of those you know too well You lay secreting hate Towards those you know are real. Your rage streams like a river, Flowing back to one person. The one you loved. The one who made you Who you are. A lie? A liar? A...
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    I have Mozilla Firefox, and it works amazingly well for me. I want to here your revivews about Thunderbird, Mozilla's e-mail service. I hear it is very good, but I want a second opinion.
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    Timeless (An Avatar RP)

    Plot: Within the hazy mists of the swamp, the young Avatar, Aang, was shown the distorted image of a young girl. The girl had night-black hair tied into a neat bun, with two tendrils falling back beneath her shoulder bone. She was clothed in a fabulous silk robe that displayed only the nails on...
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    Titanic 2

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=Nva-KM_lu2I&search=Titanic%202 I hope to god this is a spoof. What a gay idea! Omg, please tell me this is a spoof. It completely kills Titanic, which I already thought was emotional enough.
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    In the limited adition strategy guide, it marks every enemy with one of three signs: nobody, heartless, or neither, as you all know. When Haynar is marked, it marks him as a nobody. Do you think this is a mistake, or is this hinting that he actually is a nobody? The same applies to Setzer. Is...
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    IQ thread

    As it says, post your IQs here...
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    Marluxia fight...

    This is an opinion question. Would you have rather watched Axel and Marluxia fight instead of fighting him?
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    Avatar's back!

    The new season of Avatar is coming out in MArch! Who else is excited? THat show has the best storyline... I can't wait to see Zuko's sister! And how could I forget the awesome fights?
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    The XIII Order

    Yea, I started the thread... Xemnes.01, you take over