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    I just got my KH2FM+ but...

    K thanks I was just wondering because thats the one I picked and I was just wondering. Thanks again. Oh and btw are there any translation pages around for Menus and keyblades?
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    I just got my KH2FM+ but...

    I just got my KH2FM+ but I dont know which mode is critical mode is it the bottom one or the top mode?
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    Import question.

    First I know this question probably belongs in the import threat but I need a fast answer. Now i've read a lot about this Swap magic and how it can import games. I just want clarification that it will work with an American ps2 and make kh2 fm+ work, the other question I had was if this does...
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    It all begins (Spoilers/Spec)

    I just beat the game again on proud and saw the secret ending (Woot), and at the very end there is a quote im not sure if it was ever translated but in the American version it says "It all begins with birth by sleep." Think thats right, the only reason im posting this is because I want to...
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    weapon list

    Heh I got the Ultimate Weapon Recipe but I can't seem to find enough Orch+ to make it.
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    Secret Ending

    Do you mean get 100% on all the routes? because they are all opened but not at 100% and all the worlds are complete well except all the Olympus matches and Sephiroth.
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    Secret Ending

    Ok 2 questions, How do you get the Secret Ending on Proud mode? Is the "English/American" Secret Ending on You-tube yet and if so can I have a link?
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    Anit Form

    Anti-form is awesome against multiple Dusk in my opinion but against bosses its a no go. Lol same thing happened to me but I tried wisdom instead. :eek:
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    Mmmm Ice cream (Spoilers)

    Lol did anyone see the choices for the ice creams when you put the password into Ansems computer, there was Sea-Salt and I think Liver-pie ice cream can't remember the third one. All im wondering is who decided that these would be good ice cream flavors :confused:
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    Ending? <no spoilers, just a clean question>

    Well I couldn't hold back so I watched the ending which i couldn't understand what was going on so it really wasn't that much of a spoiler, and ummm it could lead to either a prequel or KH3
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    If I buy Jap version.....

    I dont really want it I just wanted something to do basically and im tired of waiting for this game first it was sept 04, then sept 05 then dec 05 now finally march 06 which could possibly change.
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    If I buy Jap version.....

    Thanks for the info guys :-)
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    If I buy Jap version.....

    /sigh.... how much do they go for? Prolly not gonna bother too much work i'll just have to wait until march.
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    If I buy Jap version.....

    I I buy the japanese version of KH2 do I need a special chip or PS2 to play it? and If I dont need the chip to play it where is a good place to buy KH2 and have it shipped over seas at a reasonable price?