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    Help/Support ► More than a friend?

    One of my best friends asked me if i thought we could ever be more than just friends, and i'm really not sure what to tell him because of these factors: 1. He's a great friend. 2. Not sure that i see him as being more than that yet. 3. I've just gotten out of a 2-year relationship with someone...
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    What game weapon would you wield?

    I think everyone has that ideal weapon. It doesn't necessarily have to be popular or from KH. Any weapon, any game. Post a pic just if you want, or if your worried people may not have seen or heard of your particular weapon. Personally, i would love to wield Kurt Zisa's twin swords...
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    What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

    I haven't done many crazy things in my life so i need to be inspired. Well, ok there was that one time i ran from that cop with my friends cuz we threw snowballs at his car. But it was just snow, i mean damn.
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    Formerly Pink Ghost, glad to be back.

    i am formerly Pink Ghost, but upon my return i find my account has vanished off the face of the earth....*shrug* no big deal, cool new name what do ya think? btw, the site looks real sharp now from what i remember some year and a half ago. bravo. really glad to be back. broadband rox! x3 so...